Kerala ayurvedic massage oil for joint pain

Joint pains are one of the common issues in adults these days. As per the census, more than 22% of the population in India is suffering from this joint pain and diseases related to joint pain like arthritis, etc. 

Especially this winter, most adults have to regain their seasonal chum, which is their joint pain. So what could be the solution for this is always a question.

Yet several medicines and treatments are available for these issues; ayurveda has a unique importance to help you cure these sorts of problems without any side effects. There are several ayurvedic therapy and medicines available for treating your joint pain. But what? You might be wondering.

Here are some best and most effective Kerala ayurvedic massages for joint pain. Read more to know more.

What causes Joint pain in Adults?

Joint pain is a terrifying health issue that is caused due to some of the following reasons. Let’s see them here one by one.

Joint Injuries:

Joint Injuries are one of the common causes of pain in your joints. It can be from mild to severe injuries that are caused due to a fracture, sprain, or strain caused to your joints. Repetitive exercises can bring a sprain and a strain in your joints resulting in joint pain.


Diseases are a common cause of joint pain in your body. Several issues like arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis, lupus, and more may also trigger common problems in many people.

Viral Infections:

Another primary reason for joint pain is rare viral infections like hepatitis C virus (HCV) which can ultimately result in joint pain. This condition is rarely possible but still needs proper therapy for your problem.


Overuse of joints can also trigger joint pain in several parts of your body, including in areas like the knee, shoulder, hip, etc. This joint pain gets you well soon after plenty of rest and by following home remedies like cold compress and hot compress. 

So these were some of the common causes of joint pain in adults.

What are the symptoms of joint pain? 

Here are a few common symptoms that indicate that you might have pain in your joints;

  • A typical tenderness might suggest that you are having joint pain.
  • A feeling of fatigue also shows that they suffer from joint pain issues.
  • If your joint movements have started being limited, you must understand that you have a joint pain issue. 
  • Swelling and stiffness in the joints also indicate mild to severe pain in your joints. 
  • Unstable joints and weakness in the joints are also one of the reasons for the throbbing joint pain.

Hence, these are some common symptoms of joint pain you may experience.

List out some of the best Kerala Ayurvedic Massage Oils for Joint Pain.

Here is the list of some best Kerala ayurvedic massage oil for joint pain.


Myaxyl is one of the best Kerala ayurvedic massage oils for joint pain, combined with the goodness of several medicines like nandivriksha, devadaru, and rasna. It helps reduce the pain as well as the swelling in the joints. It is more suitable for sprains, spasms, and knee pain. It is a 100% herbal ad natural product with no added colour or fragrance. The herbal oil provides instant relief and long-term ease after applying it to your joints or the area of the pain. The oil is suitable for all adults with a 100% herbal and natural product. It has no added fragrance or colour. It is free from chemicals, paraben, and also petroleum by-products.

Ayouth Veda: 

Ayouth Veda is another excellent oil for joint pain that you must try at least once. It helps moisturize your skin and provides relief to your body. It helps de-stress your tense muscle, reduces pain and tenderness of your joints, helps relax your calm itchy, and inflamed skin, reduces pain and tenderness, and strengthens skin structure. It helps to energize your tired body tissues from the aching pain and provides intense relief after use. Ayouth Veda is one of the suggested Kerala Ayurvedic Massage oil for Joint pain. 

Maharishi Ayurveda:

Maharishi Ayurveda is another excellent oil for joint pain with herbal extracts with unique benefits like relieving you from joint and muscle pain, strengthening the joints from within, removing the toxins accumulated in the joints, and reducing swelling, stiffness, and inflammation on the joints. Maharishi Ayurveda pain relief oil is a form of ayurvedic therapy that helps compromise formulations like pirant oil and tablets, which work from a fundamental to the expert level to reduce the swelling from the joints and provide relief from the pain and aches. Th pirant oil provides blood flow in the respective area and comfort in that area. Maharishi Ayurveda oil is another best Kerala ayurvedic massage oil for joint pain which you must always try for an effective result. 

Jiva Ayurveda:

Jiva Ayurveda is a natural pain reliever oil that works well on joints, back, and neck and provides instant relief from the pain. It is a blend of ingredients such as Mahnarayana oil, Mahavishagarbha oil, Gandhapura oil, Prasarini oil, and turpentine oil. Jiva ayurvedic oil is beneficial for muscular pain and joint pain, prevents swelling, reduces inflammation of the joints, reduces stiffness and tension, and strengthens the bones and the muscles. For instant relief and effective results, Jiva Ayurveda has many options to provide joint pain relief. 

Therefore these were some of the best Kerala ayurvedic massage oil for joint pain, which you can try for your different types of joint pains like neck pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, and more.

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