Instructions for betting on how to calculate how much a 3-way lottery will win

In the lottery world, 3-way lottery is not a strange concept to bettors. Simple gameplay and high winning rate are two factors that make this type so attractive. However, for newbies How to calculate how much a 3-way lottery will win still causing difficulty. Read the article by v9bet to understand better!

What is 3-way lottery?

Parlay 3 is one of the types of parlay betting with a high probability of winning, compared to parlay 4, its probability of winning is much higher. Like other types of lotteries, you need to choose three sets of numbers from 00 to 99. If the lottery results show all 3 selected numbers, you will receive the corresponding bonus. But if there is a number that does not explode, you will lose all the money you bet because of failure.

For example, today you found 3 lucky numbers: 45, 62 and 23. In the lottery results, all 3 numbers appear, regardless of the prize, they will be counted. At this point, you can calculate how much a 3-way bet will win based on the bet amount multiplied by the bonus coefficient. But if one of the three numbers does not appear, the player does not receive money even if he hits 2 numbers.

The way to play is very simple, but choosing a set of 3 lottery numbers is not simple. Because players not only have to learn the rules but also have to research how much a 3-way lottery will win, and then research and learn prediction methods to find good numbers with the highest winning rate. .

The highest payout rate for 3-way lottery today

How to calculate how much a 3-way lottery wins is always a question of many new players coming to this subject. Each region will have its own calculation method, so we have a detailed calculation method in the content below.

How to calculate how much a 3-way lottery will win in the North

As you know, in the lottery results table in the North there are 27 prizes, but according to statistics there are only 21.5 different numbers on the same day. So, the player’s chances of winning the 3-way parlay will be 21.5% x 21.5% x 21.5% = 0.994%.

Currently, according to the general policy of the Northern Lottery Company, the payout ratio is 1:40. That means for each lot point, the player will receive back 40,000 VND, the prescribed capital for 1 lot point is 23 thousand VND. So how much does it cost to play 100K 3-way lotto? The answer will be 4,000,000 VND and minus the amount you pay for betting capital.

For online lottery bookmakers, how much does a 3-way lottery win? The bonus that players receive is much higher when 1 wins 76. This is a very high bonus that makes lottery players switch from traditional betting to online betting. In particular, the bookmakers do not have to divide the discount money with any party, so players are not deducted any fees. Besides, choosing reputable bookmakers, not scammers, with many attractive gifts and promotional events also makes your game much more fun.

How much does it cost to eat 3 skewers in the South and Central region?

In contrast to the Northern lottery, the Southern and Central lottery have fewer prizes, only 18 prizes. Therefore, the probability of hitting these two stations is lower than that of the North. On average, 18 prizes give 1 lot 18%. Therefore, the probability of winning 3-way lottery at these 2 stations is 18% x 18% x 18% = 0.5832%.

Instead, the payout rate is higher. So how much does it cost to play 3-way lottery in the Central and Southern regions? With the traditional way of playing, that is, recording numbers at the dealer, you will receive a general ratio of 1:43. It also means that 1 lot point will receive 43,000 VND, the capital for 1 lot point is also 23,000 VND.

So what are the odds of a 3-way winning number from online bookies? Quite similar to the lottery in the North, bookmakers also give players a payout ratio of up to 1:76, some even give 1 to 80. Because each place has different economic potential. each other as well as their own policies to attract lottery players, so you can find the right house when you want to bet online!

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Tips for predicting lottery numbers and playing with the highest winning rate

Once you understand how much a 3-way lottery will win, the next knowledge that every lottery player should know is the methods of calculating the lottery. Together V9BET Accumulate information in the next content.

Check by pairs of lots that often come together

This is a very effective way to calculate 3-way lotteries and has been recognized by experienced players. Accordingly, players just need to take the time to follow the lottery results table every day and record the numbers that most often appear together. For example:

  • Age 35 often comes with age 29 or 64
  • The number 54 often appears with 39 and 10
  • 66 often comes with pair 23, 83
  • The prefix 27 is often returned with 01, 04
  • 55 will explode with 38 and 93
  • The number 10 often goes with the numbers 22 and 93

Note that it is not possible to apply each of these prediction methods and play every day. The formula to calculate how much a 3-way lottery is to win is only 1, but the method to find a 3-way lottery requires you to apply it flexibly to be effective!

Statistics of interesting numbers

Of all the methods of prediction, the statistical method is the most scientific and logical. This is a highly effective calculation method and is highly appreciated by players. Long-time lottery players often use this method to find lucky numbers.

The most beautiful numbers confirmed by everyone are 37, 73, 57, 75, 79, 65 and 56. You can refer to these numbers to raise frame numbers. However, for maximum effectiveness, it’s best to create your own statistics to get the most accurate results.

Balance your capital when betting

Money is always the deciding factor in all black and white games. Of course, if you don’t have enough capital, you certainly can’t maintain it, especially with the 3-way lottery game that requires a frame. So, take note of the following:

  • Understand how much a 3-way lottery is to win in order to invest properly, divide the amount equally with each lucky number.
  • You should play with the mentality of investing money to make profits, not just a game of black and red. If you just play for fun, absolutely do not raise lotteries to avoid heavy losses and financial loss.
  • Regardless of the result, be calm and decisive when choosing lottery numbers, don’t be bitter when losing and be wise to stop immediately if the 3-way lottery has not come in for many days.
  • Calculate the lottery numbers to suit the frame raising time period.

In addition, each player needs to always learn and search for information on forums, this is also a way to improve your prediction ability. The players present and discussed here are all experts or at least lottery players with many years of experience playing. Therefore, you can absolutely ask about how to calculate how much a 3-way lottery will win as well as tips on finding lottery numbers from them.


In this article, V9BET We have shared with you details about how much a 3-way lottery will win in each region as well as tips on finding the correct lottery number to bring luck. Remember, every form of betting is a form of financial investment, so try to learn from experts and learn the smartest way to use your capital!

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