How to make a logo by yourself

To create a logo, it is not necessary to resort to the services of designers, or contact specialized companies, you can develop a logo yourself. A huge plus is the fact that only you know what important details need to be displayed, so doing personal development will be a good decision. Having come up with an idea, choosing a color, text font and the general style of the future logo, you will be able to achieve originality and highlight all the subtleties of the business. By following simple but very effective rules, you will save time and quite a lot of money.

What is a logo? Significance for the company

A logo is a corporate symbol of a company that helps to stand out from competitors and promote your brand or service among the crowd. A well-executed logo can have a positive effect on the trust of customers, attracting their attention to themselves, and significantly improving demand. Undoubtedly, the logo is the main figure in creating the overall style of the company. Good branding affects people’s emotions, which makes it easy to remember the experience of interacting with your business.

Let’s highlight the main functions of the logo:

– Helps in promoting and recognizing a company or brand;

– The basis for creating a corporate identity;

– Attracts customers, increasing customer confidence;

– Guaranteed property.

There are three main types of logos:

  1. Text. The essence of the company or brand is expressed using plain or colored text that uses the name;
  2. Iconic. Emphasis on an individual graphic element, symbol, or single capital letter;
  3. Combined. The most common and versatile type of logo that combines a combination of text and a symbol.

How to make a logo yourself, basic tips

To create a logo, you need to follow the basic steps that will help you take into account all the nuances of the company, and help in high-quality development.

  1. Make an analysis of the company. Answer the most important questions: what does the company do, what target audience is it aimed at, what essence do you want to convey visually. The answers will help you decide on the idea for the logo.
  2. View competitors. Take the time to study the visual of competitors, mark for yourself all the minuses and pluses.
  3. Get inspired by ideas. Look at examples of registration of completely different companies. Explore various thematic sites, highlighting images that you like.
  4. Create draft designs. After a detailed analysis and evaluation of other companies, you will start to have ideas. Be sure to record each of them on a sheet so as not to miss anything.
  5. Decide on a color. This step must be given great attention, because the right colors evoke the necessary emotion and the right meaning. Use no more than three colors in the logo, which will be in harmony with each other. Do not allow color conflicts, due to a bad combination, which, moreover, does not apply to the company’s activities, attention from customers will be minimal.

For example, the logo of a company organizing holidays should not be in dark shades, because bright colors are associated with this direction.

  1. Decide on the text font. When choosing a font, it is also necessary to rely on the field of activity of the company: a decorative or handwritten font is suitable for a beauty salon, and a strict font will be more relevant for a construction company.
  2. Choose an icon for the logo. The first thing that customers immediately pay attention to is the icon in the logo. The icon briefly tells about the services or products of the company. For a children’s store, you can use images of clothes, toys, or a drawn child, and there are many more options.

Once all the above steps have been completed, you can start creating a logo using computer programs or online generators. To use graphics programs (for example, Adobe Photoshop), you need to have at least minimal skills that not every person owns. Creating a logo using the Turbologo online designer will be the most convenient option. This constructor will allow you to get a large number of designs in a short time, without special skills and experience. Among the proposed options, you will definitely find a unique logo that will become the “face” of your company.


Do not put off the idea of ​​​​creating a logo yourself, because the basic steps and the process itself are absolutely not complicated. Do not be afraid of your ideas, reveal the main task of the logo, follow the advice, and you will definitely get not only a unique, but also a creative logo!

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