How to Lead Best a Project Team.

Teams can only succeed when they have great leadership. Even in sports, you’re more likely to see players quitting due to poor management of their teams. When it comes to project management, a leader should best serve the project team. Failure to do so will see the project failing along the way. When this happens, you might end up losing your job.

What we are saying is that a leader’s input is a key determinant of project success. It’s only by providing great leadership to your project team that you expect to have an outstanding project. You may be finding it challenging to lead your team despite several years of project management. You may be only missing a single key point in your leadership. This article discusses how to lead best a project team.

1. Familiarise with Basic Steps.

Some project managers lack knowledge of the basic steps that they need to accomplish. If appointed to lead a project team, you should assume the responsibility immediately. Showing courage or confidence inspires the team members. They will trust you and work hard to avoid frustrating you.

After building trust in them, move on to develop the project’s action plan. You can meet with the team to discuss the progress and highlight the remaining tasks. It’s also good to meet the project stakeholders and brief them on your project implementation plans. Consider their suggestions and make necessary changes.

2. Find Reliable People and Delegate Responsibilities.

At this point, you already know what you need to finish the project. The next move is to identify the capabilities of various team members and assign each a task that best suits him/her. Task allocation should only be based on individual skills or/and qualifications. These members should also be informed how they are expected to carry out the particular tasks. Discuss with them the expected outcomes for their assigned tasks.

Working alone cannot benefit the project. A team leader should spare some time to explain the minimum quality of work that the members should present. Applying dictatorship at all costs will demoralise your team. However, applying the agile leadership style in project team management way of getting amazing results.

3. Noting Members’ Accomplishments.

When team members are assigned tasks, we expect them to begin working towards the expected results. As this happens be part and parcel of the process. Your presence is a motivating factor for the team. Ensure to be available for inquiries or consultations related to the project implementation.

A manager’s physical absence encourages slacking among the members. Another paramount idea is to take one of the tasks in the project work. However how small it could be, completing it successfully continues to motivate the members.

Completing the project as expected is the main goal of all the activities or processes carried out in the project. You should therefore ensure that all members are working towards a common goal. This is done by providing them with the necessary tools required to perform the tasks you assigned. Using the right tools or equipment enables them to meet set deadlines.

4. Review the Project.

By the end of it all, we know that there is someone or people who trusted you with their work. All they need to see are the good results of the project. You should begin by reviewing the project and ensure to be happy with the results. If the quality or standards displayed are perfect to your eyes, you can confidently proceed to submit the project.


Leading a project team may sound like any other leadership position but it’s not. With the ideas highlighted in this article, you can tell that it’s a bit different. If you apply these ideas, you are assured of a successful project and more referrals for better projects.

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