How to Find the Right Electric Grease Gun

Before you purchase an electric grease gun, make sure it has these specifications. It must have trigger control. A trigger control allows you to operate the grease gun by just pressing down on the trigger. This feature is very important for people who suffer from arthritis and other conditions that cause them to have trouble operating a standard mechanical grease gun. The gun must be adjustable. An adjustable grease gun is very helpful because you can use it with different types of nozzles. For example, if your grease gun has an adjustable swivel nut, you can use it with any type of nozzle that has a threaded fitting.

It will be easier for you to operate the grease gun. The gun should have a large capacity. A large capacity means it can hold more grease. You may need this capacity when you are working on large machinery. If the grease gun you are considering does not have a large enough capacity, get another one that does. The gun should also be lightweight. A lightweight gun is easy to manipulate and will not cause fatigue in your hands. Make sure the grease gun has a solid metal barrel. This makes it much stronger and able to withstand the rigors of regular use. Also, a metal barrel will give you the confidence to use the grease gun where there may be a danger.

Equally important, a metal barrel gives you the advantage of being able to use the grease gun over and over again. It will save you money because you won’t have to buy as many new grease guns as you would otherwise. A good electric grease gun should have all of the above specifications. If it doesn’t, look for another one that does. How to Use an Electric Grease Gun Before you learn how to use an electric grease gun, you must first be taught how to properly prime it. Priming is the process of filling the grease reservoir with grease. You do this by removing the cap from the top of the reservoir, putting the nozzle into the reservoir and squeezing the trigger.

In brief, this will force grease into the reservoir. When the reservoir is full, replace the cap and you are ready to use the grease gun. You must do this every time you use the grease gun until you are absolutely sure you have no more grease in the reservoir. To demonstrate how to use an electric grease gun, let’s pretend you are working on a machine that has a very hard, non-moving part. You use your grease gun and squeeze the trigger. At first, nothing happens. Then, all of a sudden, the machine part you are working on starts to move! This means the grease is doing its job. Grease does not lubricate parts instantly; it takes a little time for it to work. However, once it gets going, it continues to work smoothly for hours or even days. To keep your equipment operating at maximum efficiency, you must add grease regularly.

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