How to Draw Attention to Your Videos Within 5 Seconds

We all do it. You start watching a free video online and within seconds you’ve moved on to something else. Sometimes things just don’t grab us. Do you know what keeps you watching though? If you do then you’re halfway there to knowing how to customize your video templates to grab your viewers’ attention. From there, it’s easy to create videos with an online video editor. 

Use your Online Video Editor to Hook Viewers 

Of course, there are obvious things you can do to make awesome videos for free. This includes, for example, having a catchy title or an intriguing thumbnail picture. Clearly, you also need some good content and perhaps also some amazing audio. Nevertheless, here are some useful tips you can apply to your online video editor to make and download even more incredible videos, as detailed below:

  • Start with an emotion
  • Be human and authentic 
  • Entertain and then inform
  • Surprise them with contrast 
  • Consider interactive content 
  • Have a strong endpoint 

Start with an Emotion

There are many ways to do this that range from using a shocking statistic to asking a rhetorical question or tapping into common experiences. For example, these could be frustrations that your product is looking to remove such as losing battery power at the wrong time, forgetting passwords, or even dealing with an empty fridge. Your social media followers will all be able to relate to those frustrations.

Having happy people with children and pets also works well to sell a dream when you create videos. Naturally, you shouldn’t be too obvious or too ‘sales. Regardless, you’ll keep people hooked the more you leverage our common human experience to make a video that connects to people emotionally. 

Be Human and Authentic 

When you make a video, it’s tempting to try to emulate something that we’re not. After all, you could be trying to beat your competitor when you edit videos. The best approach though is to create great free videos where you can be yourself. Again, this is not about following a hard-nosed sales approach. On the contrary, the more you show yourself as a real person behind the brand the people will be more likely to engage and connect. 

You can do this with all video editors by showing some behind-the-scenes images, for example, or by downloading customer feedback scenes into your templates. Upload some features with that catchy heading and some lively customers talking about how great your brand is and people will automatically be curious to find out more. 

Entertain and Then Inform

People usually watch videos for a brief moment of escapism and distraction. These are often anything ranging from music and food to sports and gaming. If you can add these into your templates, along with your own content, then people will enjoy watching your videos. Of course, you’ll need to show how those topics are relevant to your brand.

As you go through the templates library in your video maker, you’ll notice that they’re all designed to entertain. Even if you have a serious topic to share when you make a video, the templates are developed around a story. Moreover, as we all know, stories are entertaining. It’s, therefore, a huge advantage to use templates to structure your free video. You can then apply any editing or transitions to blend in your own content and audio accordingly. 

Surprise Them With Contrast 

You can get quite creative with contrast that’s not just limited to colors. For example, you can contrast topics that can be useful if your business is a professional services firm. For those brands, it’s not always easy to create videos that are both fun and entertaining. Therefore, some successful videos have included things like animals or cartoon animations working around the office, for example. Either way, you’ll be amazed by just how much you can do with your video editor. 

Consider Interactive Content 

Some video editor tools have options to include clickable content. They generally use artificial intelligence software so that your video clips are fully interactive. If that feels too complex for your purpose though then don’t forget the use of powerful questions that you can add with your video editing options. 

Essentially, the more you ask people questions than the more involved and engaged they become. Suddenly, your product or service is part of their life and only within a few seconds of your video. 

Have a Strong End Point

It’s always better to create videos that are short and to the point. You want to make it memorable and understandable so that people know what to do next. This could be signing up for your newsletter or booking for a quote. Whatever it is, don’t let people down after your awesome hook by ending on a flop or wishy-washy message. 

Concluding Points for Hooking Viewers with your Online Video Editor 

People love videos. Furthermore, video creation is so quick and simple to do these days. You’ll just have to do a bit of planning before you get started with your online video editor, whilst keeping your end goal in mind. Then, remember that short and to the point is best and the more you can include a wow factor and connect emotionally then the more likely your video will be memorable. This will make your viewers want to follow through and sign up for your brand and business. 

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