How to climb a tree to cut it down

The need for vegetation is essential to keep the environment’s temperature favourable; however, it is necessary to cut down trees for various needs. Although cutting down trees is an easy task, it becomes a very difficult task in some cases. For example, when you cut down a tree in a crowded place or beside a large building or electric pole next to a giant tree, this simple task of cutting down trees becomes very difficult for you. And if you face such a problem, you will not be able to cut the tree from the ground, as usual, using different instruments. In this case, you have to climb the tree and cut the branches of the tree first. Then you have to cut the big and dangerous branches very carefully. Here I will get you to know how to cut down a tall tree while climbing. 

As climbing on a big tree is risky, you have to follow some extra protection strategies while cutting it down. You will need some necessary materials.

Important things to consider while climbing:

  • Rope: the most important thing.
  • Chain Saw.
  • Use Tripod ladder to the trunk.
  • Fall arrest harness.

You can use a leaning hardware ladder, but you have to remember that a tripod ladder is safer to trunk. Stabilizing the tree tripod ladder is very effective.

Use hand saw bow saw or chainsaw:

You Can use a chainsaw, hand saw, or bow saw to cut the limbs. You will have more control when you use a hand saw or bow saw to cut the tree but using a chainsaw is the quickest way to cut limbs. But cutting limbs with the chainsaw is a little bit risky; you have to learn the method first how to cut limbs using a chainsaw. You should read the safety warnings and must wear protective eyewear and gloves.

Create a small notch:

Creating a small notch is effective while cutting tree limbs. The groove softens the limb, making it possible to break it with a small blow.

Make a 2nd cut:

When the first notch is finished, you have to move 0.5-1 feet away and start cutting again just below it. The second cut reduces the weight of the limb, making it easier to make the final cut. This cut is known as “relief cut.”

Cut the portion of the tree:

Once the tree’s limbs cutting are finished, you have to look at the length of the tall tree. First, you should make a proper plan of how you will cut the tree parts and when you cut the top part, it will fall on the ground where it will hit a building or cause any damage to the road. After managing everything, you have to carefully cut the parts of the tree from the top with a chainsaw or hand saw. After the first part is cut, you have to pay attention to your safety when cutting the second part as it is less likely to damage the road or the building than the upper part. Finally, you can cut the whole tree from the bottom or uproot the roots.

Mistakes to avoid:

You need to have a clear idea of what you are going to do. You can inadvertently hurt yourself or others. You need to know about a chainsaw and get practical education on using it; otherwise, it can harm your body and cause serious injury. There are some rules for cutting down tall trees, and you should always follow those rules. Never forget to take the safety pieces of equipment.

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