How to choose the best reception desk?

The reception desk is the major element of the reception area. His choice should therefore not be made at random. Dimensions, accessibility standards, architectural constraints, design, comfort… Here are some tips to think of everything!

Consider your available space, front desk duties and front desk equipment as you shop for the best receptionist desk for your needs. Generally, you will need a desk that matches the rest of the reception design or decor. Take the time to compare different types of front office desks to balance the best quality at the best price.

Some counters are located in a truly enclosed space, others are simply areas of a larger space, marked by the desk and other reception furniture. Typically, reception desks in larger, multipurpose areas can be virtually any size and shape that the office user, or decorator, desires. If the office is an enclosed space, you have limited work space. Look for a reception desk that will work well in this space, leaving room for other important types of front office furniture that you use, such as filing cabinets and copy machines. Depending on the space you need to work on and the types of front office tasks that take place in your office,

A variety of tasks take place at a counter, and considering your specific tasks can help you find the most suitable counter. If you’re just bringing visitors in and out of the office, a modest desk with a few drawers may be right for you. If counter duties include dealing with customers, filing documents, and handling cash and mail, you may need a larger desk. Keep in mind that your desk may need to accommodate small office equipment that doesn’t sit on the floor. This equipment may include computers, telephones, fax machines, small printers and cash registers.

Style will play a role in which reception desk is best suited to your needs. Generally, you’ll want your desk to match the overall design of your counter. For example, if your office is located in an industrial setting, you might consider a metal desk. Wooden desks in rich, warm colors are well suited for types of offices that want to create pleasant and secure feelings, such as doctors’ or therapists’ offices. If your front office is located in an upscale environment, you might consider desks with glossy finishes or even granite or marble tops.

When shopping for a reception desk, be sure to balance quality and budget. Chances are you want your desk to last for years. It is therefore important to choose a well-built model with robust and quality materials. You can talk to other front desk staff or decorators you know and even look at their desk for ideas. Shop around with different retailers, comparing their styles and prices, before deciding on the best desk for your front office. Take advantage of any customer reviews you can find and make sure you understand the store or manufacturer’s return policy.

Models of reception desks

This is the first element that visitors discover when they arrive, the reception must soak up the existing atmosphere of the company and above all not denote! Materials, finishes, shapes, colors… The choices are multiple and the combinations endless.

The materials :

  • In metal for a modern and sophisticated look
  • Laminated for a classic look and enhanced durability
  • In glass for a design effect, very contemporary
  • In wood for a chic and classic atmosphere

Important :

  • “L” shaped corner legs: functional, elegant and practical. Their back offers a bit of privacy when you need to isolate yourself to talk to a visitor while hiding as many electrical wires as possible.
  • Rectangular legs: simple, compact, they are perfect for small spaces.
  • “C” legs: very open, they are perfect for accommodating a large number of visitors.
  • “O”-shaped legs: with their circular shape, they offer remarkable standing but are reserved for large spaces.

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