How To Choose Shoes For A Dress: 5 Practical Tips

Don’t you have the slightest idea how to choose shoes for a dress?

There are a large number of women’s dress shoes that you can combine with your dresses. From elegant and provocative heels to urban sneakers. 

The selection of footwear has a lot to do with the type of dress you are going to wear. If it is long, short, tight to the body, loose, etc.

In the following article, we will show you 5 criteria that you should take into account when choosing shoes for a dress.

To choose shoes for a dress, you should consider the colour and length of the dress, as well as the correct heel size of the shoe. It is also important that you wear shoes that match the occasion of the event and the season of the year you are in. 

5 tips for choosing shoes for a dress

Knowing how to combine your shoes with a dress is key to looking spectacular. If the shoes fail, your outfit can clash and draw attention in a bad way.

Follow these tips given by Albeli to choose shoes for a dress:

  1. Consider the colour and design of the dress.
  2. Use shoes according to the season.
  3. Choose the correct heel size.
  4. Think about the occasion for your shoes.
  5. Make your decision based on the dress’s length.

1. Consider the colour of the dress.

Although it may seem obvious, many women do not take the colour of their dresses into account when choosing a shoe. For example, if the dress is a solid colour, all eyes should be on your shoes.

On the contrary, if the dress is striking, and has decorations or details, it is the dress that should shine. In this case, your shoes should go unnoticed and only accompany the dress. It is best to wear shoes of a single colour.

Additional advice on shoe selection for dresses:

  • Choose shoe colours that match your dress rather than colours that compete with your clothing.
  • Use colourful shoes if your dress is a sober and modest colour so that your shoes stand out.
  • Avoid using the same colour in your dress and shoes. The idea is that they combine with different tones, but not exactly the same.

2. Use shoes according to the season.

If it is summer, the most appropriate footwear to accompany your dress should be flat sandals, wedge sandals, heels or even sneakers (perfect for any season). 

However, if it is winter, long boots or ankle boots are an excellent option. They protect your feet from the cold and make you look elegant. You can also wear heels or sneakers, but sandals would not be the most appropriate for the season. 

The most sensible thing when choosing shoes for a dress is to take into account the season of the year.

3. Choose the correct heel size.

Heels are great shoes for a dress. They help lengthen your feet if you are short and stylize your body in general. 

Stiletto heels go wonderfully with tight-fitting dresses. Stilettos create the illusion of greater length in the legs, making them look even more slender and attractive.

If high heels aren’t your thing, you can always choose low heels, like kitten heels. These versatile kitten heels are office-appropriate while still being feminine enough for a night out. 

Avoid at all costs:

  • If your legs are short, wear heels with T-straps or ankle straps. Straps also tend to make your legs look shorter than they really are.
  • Heels over 4 inches high if you have short legs. Excessively high heels cause the calf muscle to flex more, leaving the leg looking less slender.

4. Think about the occasion for your shoes.

With a little ingenuity, every shoe works with a dress. However, it’s not just about thinking about colours, styles, designs and the season in which you wear them. It’s all about what occasion you use them for. 

Wearing stiletto heels at a wedding is not the same as at a baptism. Nor is it the same to wear loafers at a party with friends as at work.

Heels are the highest point of formality, so you should reserve them for special moments. Sneakers, ballet flats, sandals and other footwear are for semi-formal or informal contexts.

5. Choose according to the length of the dress.

If you are going to wear a dress that reaches the floor, the best option is open shoes with an impressive heel. Heels will give you that extra height you need to prevent you from tripping over the train of your dress.

However, if you are tall and decide to wear a cocktail dress, an elegant flat sandal will suffice. There’s no need to be the tallest person in the room just for a bit of style. You have to choose the moment well (remember the previous point).

What shoes should I wear with tight dresses?

The shoes that best combine with tight dresses are shoes with ankle straps, ankle boots, wedge sandals, long or knee-high boots and sneakers.

What shoes should I wear with long dresses?

The shoes that best combine with long dresses are those that give you more height, such as heels, platform sandals or wedge sandals.

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