How casinos are changing and what to expect in the future

Gone are the days of crowded, smoke-filled casino halls. The leap from brick-and-mortar casinos to online casinos has been exponential in just under four decades, and we believe we are witnessing another defining moment that will shape the casinos of the future. Today, the field of online entertainment is very developed and popular. Such online casinos as offer a wide range of entertainment for every taste. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an avid player, you will find something interesting for you.

In this article we will discuss how casinos are changing and what we can expect from the rooms and games of the future.

In the 21st century, the mobility afforded by smartphones and tablets has stolen a significant share of players from brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as online casinos that are not mobile-optimized.

If we also take into account that the youngest part of the population uses apps for everything, not investing heavily in this area today can be a “massive mistake”.

The truth is that there has been a gradual and steady increase in the number of casinos and betting sites that offer mobile applications to their users. 

More connected

Connectivity is almost a matter of life and death these days. If in the past it was important to be contactable, today, and increasingly in the future, being “in close connection”, in real time, is much more important.

It’s no longer just the good customer service available through various channels that counts. Now it is the community created on a certain social network or interaction with the user through constant notifications.

There is always a risk that some of these features may become a bit invasive in terms of privacy and personal space. But we know that when a feature is not well received by the gaming population, it doesn’t last long.


Games with random results seem to be slowly “going out of fashion” in the online casino market and giving way to games based exclusively on skill. In other words, the result depends on the skill of each player and not on the intervention of a machine or software.

While some games are similar to those played in conventional casino rooms, others are completely innovative or hybrid mixes of classics, as is the case with Pacman for money.

Judging by the level of quality observed in online casinos and more modern games, there does not seem to be room in the future for basic and little interactive games. After all, players increasingly like to be challenged and stimulated with new things.

With e-sports

E-sports casinos are not a thing of the distant future. In fact, we have already started to see houses offering, in addition to betting on e-sports, specialty tournaments.

In India, the “modality” of e-sports is not included in the legislation and, as such, it is not legal to bet on it for money.

However, the e-sports industry is valued at several billion euros, and when an industry generates this type of money, it usually has a lot of strength and power to change legislation.

Considering the increasing popularity of betting on these games in both conventional and online casinos, the future casino envisions a much more diverse and modern space.


Casino technology is unstoppable as other potentially converging technologies evolve “stupidly”.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence or augmented and virtual reality are making significant advances at a dizzying speed, having practical applications that could completely change the way we look at casinos and gambling.

If live dealer houses and games are an unquestionable success, have you ever imagined being in a virtual casino where nothing around you is “real”, but it is real? All of this may be closer than we imagine.

Virtual, mobile, more connected or filled with e-sports and skill games, the casino of the future will certainly be light years away from what is the casino of the world today. 

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