How Blackmail Can Emotionally Cripple a Victim

We have many interactions with various people on the Internet. It could be someone we befriend or it could be people with whom we keep in touch. The Internet has truly made socialisation and spontaneous interactions much easier. The whole world is in the palm of our hands, thanks to the Internet. Sometimes, we acquaint ourselves with some people because we grow to be fond of them. They may seem likeable, but we have no way to guarantee that they are not people with malicious intent looking to harm us. One of the most common ways through which people can harm others on the Internet is electronic blackmail. We may, in our naivety, share sensitive information with people on the Internet we may foolishly trust or call our friends. This can lead to them having leverage to blackmail or threaten us to meet their demands. These sorts of encounters often leave people traumatised or emotionally crippled. Victims often keep their trauma or experience to themselves in the fear of repercussions or being ostracised. As a result, traumatic thoughts always cloud their minds. This may give them anxiety issues and lead to a rapid decline in mental health.

What to Do if Someone is Blackmailing You

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is blackmailing you, you should never keep it to yourself. Let people help you in this situation. Solitude is never the solution in these kinds of situations. Your loved ones are there to help you. It would be best to inform those who can help you and report the situation to appropriate الأمن السيبراني authorities.

How to avoid being blackmailed

We should always be wary whilst dealing with people online. Regardless of how much we take a liking towards someone, our safety and privacy should be our first priority. Experts or Professionals like المهندس احمد بطو believe that a person surfing public cyberspace should always be, to a certain extent, paranoid. This sense of paranoia may end up saving us from being blackmailed or being cyberbullied. We should never leak our private or sensitive information on the Internet. Once something is on the Internet, it is permanently there. You can never truly erase it. So what we choose to share online should be after careful thinking and analysis.


The Internet is a very important part of our lives. Our lives would be extremely different and even relatively difficult. We should choose very carefully what we want to share online. Electronic blackmail is a very real and growing issue and it can have long term effects on people’s mental health. We should remember that if we are the victims, keeping things to ourselves will not only depreciate our mental health, but it would also be helpful for our perpetrators.

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