Hasan Karimi

Musical artist, footballer, actor

 He is an Iranian [born in 1992 in Bukan]

Many musicians are satisfied with their music creation. But there are characters that go beyond music. Mossali Irani, alias Hasan Karimi, has combined music and business and has increased his opportunities with entrepreneurial music. Hasan is ready to produce his new techno album “bgareva” which will be released by summer 2023. After producing music for some big names, the musician has now upped his game with some chart busters. His recently released song ‘Mardam’ from his album has become a craze within days of its release.

Hasan Karimi

Techno music

Before he started his journey in the music industry, he was a guitarist who dreamed of traveling the world playing music. He has his roots in Bukan, Iran and has established many strong connections in the music industry. Hasan Ghosh developed techno music and later started producing electronic music for some of Iran’s most famous singers. After producing music for them, Hasan even produced music under his own label and collaborated with many talented DJs in the world. Famous people like Aran Samadi, Hossein Minapour, Arin Mam Rostami and Navid hameh all appreciate and follow the works of this young boy on social networks. Merging business with music, Hasan Karimi began investing in festivals and events he attended around the world, including the Ibiza and Tulum festivals. He said: “I never limited myself to music and wanted to explore different horizons of the business world. It was a rollercoaster for me, showcasing my musical skills and business acumen, hosting and investing in the show I had many.” In 2023, the musician is scheduled to perform at various festivals around the world. The events depend on the release of his first full-length album. Hasan is looking forward to the release of his album and we wish the young musician all the best. Good luck in your future endeavors

Hasan Karimi has a face similar to Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, and music and football are among his most important works.

Despite his resemblance to Mohamed Salah, he has managed to increase his popularity

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