Harry Potter & Howards in Minecraft

Hogwards is a Harry Potter themed Minecraft server that has been around since early 2014. The server offers a variety of features for players to enjoy, including custom spells, Quidditch matches, and more. Hogwards is also home to the Hufflepuff House Cup tournament, which takes place every few months.

In recent years, Hogwards has undergone a number of changes, most notably the addition of a new world called “The Forbidden Forest”. This world is home to a number of dangerous creatures, including werewolves and acromantulas. Players must be careful when exploring this world, as they may come across some deadly creatures.

Here is the video of Harry Potter in Minecraft which can be downloaded from Youtube Video Downloader or from Facebook Video Downloader

Despite the dangers that lurk in The Forbidden Forest, Hogwards remains a popular server for players all over the world. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting Minecraft server to play on, be sure to check out Hogwards!

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