Gold Mangalsutra: The Sacred Thread of Eternal Love

In Hinduism, a married woman’s mangalsutra is one of her most prized possessions.   Mangalsutra is a Hindi word, where mangal means “auspicious” and sutra means “thread.” It binds one’s soul together for one’s entire lifetime through seven sacred vows. It was a sign that the bride and groom were officially husband and wife. And the bride is expected to wear this jewellery throughout her lifetime. 

The designers at Vaibhav Jewellers have taken the traditional black and golden beads of the mangalsutra and combined them with a sleek, contemporary pendant to create a stunning statement piece for the stylish bride. If you’re searching for a modern mangalsutra design to serve as a wedding day inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Elegantly Simple Mangalsutra Patterns

We all know that the most simple solutions are often the best. If giant pendants aren’t your thing, we understand. This design is universally flattering due to its classic minimalism and understated elegance. The simplistic patterns of Vaibhav Jewellers’ mangalsutras are stunning; they fit perfectly with the mangalsutra beads.

Butterfly Pendant Mangalsutra

Keep up with fashion by selecting a butterfly pattern for your mangalsutra’s pendant, like 22Kt Plain Gold Short length Mangalsutra (68VI4575). Only three huge beads adorn the chain at the side. A single gold bead and two black ones. In the middle of the item are two little butterflies set with black and white stones. It looks less like a mangalsutra and more like a chain. This mangalsutra is perfect for the modern bride who wants a piece of jewellery that exudes elegance and sophistication. Whether you’re attending a festival, wedding, or social event, the diamonds and butterflies in your mangalsutra will complement your ensemble.

Mangalsutra with Diamond Locket

Diamonds can melt a woman’s heart in no time. And the joy doubles when pearl joins the squad. Take a cue from an exquisite bauble like Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Diamond Mangalustra Pendant (189VG2758), which does that trick wonderfully. This neckpiece has a deadly combination of elements and is also really stunning. The higher price tag is justified because of how exceptional it is. On our site, you can check mangalsutra designs in gold with weight and price. Now put on this bright neck jewellery and strut around!

Gold Patterned Long Mangalsutra

A long mangalsutra design is ideal for adding elegance to a traditional wedding. These mangalsutras often feature a 20-26-inch long black beaded chain with a pendant of the wearer’s choosing. When worn with a sari, the lengthy chain of the mangalsutra complements the fabric beautifully. However, modern brides often love lightweight, fashionable patterns. Try Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Plain Gold Nano Long Mangalsutra (60VI680). You can effortlessly incorporate a subtle touch of custom into your western outfits with the help of such long-style mangalsutra’s charm.

Gold Mangalsutra Two-Tier Short featuring a heart-shaped pendant

The heart is the worldwide emblem of love and emotion, as is common knowledge. If you want to add anything extra, that’s romantic to your pledge element. The heart-shaped pendant gold mangalsutra, like the gold Two Tier Heart Short Mangalsutra (68VJ3086) by Vaibhav Jewellers, is an excellent choice for those who love to strike a balance between trend and tradition. The beads on the side chain are predominantly gold, with a few smaller black beads. In many ways, this looks like a chain style of mangalsutra. Exhibit your affection with this beautiful heart-shaped mangalsutra everywhere you go.

Timeless One-of-a-Kind Mangalsutra 

They are considered timeless for a reason. These artworks represent a love that is eternal and without end. In addition, the pattern is versatile enough to be worn with almost everything. You can wear a timeless mangalsutra design everywhere for effortless glitter, even to the kitty party or the night-outs.

Browse our fantastic selection quickly and easily on our website. You can check mangalsutra designs in gold with weight and price, compare, try and then buy without stepping out. If a wedding is in the cards, but you can’t find the ideal accessory in our catalogue, please contact us. By the due date, we will have it tailored to your specifications.

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