Global CTB Review: Be Amazed With The Benefits of CFD Trading

There have been many significant changes that have occurred to the financial markets in the past 10 years. However the changes were good which brought more profits to the traders by putting online trading into the limelight. Yet none of the changes were so great as the creation of digital currencies. It was and is an asset in the form of a currency yet paperless which is unregulated as well. Digital currency was introduced to avoiding the need of intermediaries while sending and receiving payments domestically and internationally. However, to everyone’s surprise, digital currencies soon joined trading industry and currently one of the most lucrative trading markets in the world.

Integration of Crypto Trading At Global CTB

Online trading platform, Global CTB quickly felt the need of integrating crypto trading on its platform because it had already pre-judged the future. Now the platform offers trading services in forex, CFD as well as digital currencies. For the past several months, crypto trade volume at Global CTB is more than double the volumes of forex and CFD trading collectively.

Reasons To Choose Global CTB for Crypto Trading

To begin with, Global CTB is not crypto oriented trading platform. It does render trading services in other asset classes as well such as forex and CFD. Both of these trading are very profitable yet at Global CTB however the traders are deeply involved in crypto trading now a days. There is a reason for this deep crypto trading involvement. For the past couple of years, crypto trading has evolved so drastically and in the most benefitting way possible.

Through Global CTB a trader has the privilege of using leverage option through Global CTB’s trading accounts for crypto trading. Owning an account of Global CTB is the only way forward through which a trader can proceed with crypto trading. Account obtaining process is simple and is a three-step procedure, i.e. account selection and initial deposit. In the first step, a trader is given an option to choose an account from the following six accounts: –

Accounts Initial Deposit Amount

  • Bronze Euros 500
  • Silver Euros 5,000
  • Gold Euros 10,000
  • Platinum Euros 25,000
  • Diamond Euros 50,000
  • VIP Euros 200,000

In the second step, a trader is then taken to fulfillment of certain formalities like filling of required information. This is general information which is obtained for the identification purposes and includes trader’s name, address, phone, email and bank account details. A trader is further asked to submit his credit or debit card information, depending on the method chosen for making the initial deposit. Lastly, the trader is asked to make the initial deposit and once the three steps are completed, a trader eventually becomes user of the account.

What Else Do Global CTB Offers?

Certainly what difference any broker could make if it is only providing trading rights to a trader after simple account acquisition. Of course a trader has to give more than what a trader is expecting for smooth trading. Global CTB is very much aware of that and that is why an account has been provided with several unique features. There are primarily two types of features wherein some of the features are basic while the others are for pro level traders. Since the beginner needs more knowledge of trading therefore basic features would do the job for him. But if the trader has fair knowledge of trading then he would definitely like to have advanced features. Global CTB offers both depending on the selection of the accounts.

Some of the features to look into Global CTB’s trading accounts are education packages, one-on-one training, exclusive trading programs etc. Extra-ordinary features include availability of personal account manager and chief account analyst, leverage, unlimited access to education and advisory services.

Security of Trading

Security is necessary for online trading and that is why choosing the right broker is crucial in the first place. A trader would never want to engage a broker firm whose network can be breached or had been breached in the past. This will otherwise give the sense of insecurity to the traders working with the broker. However, Global CTB has invested huge sums for obtaining best security standards for ensuring that its network is foolproof. Similarly, a trader account is protected with 2-end security codes and therefore hacking of account is impossible.

End Remarks

With the help of this Global CTB Review at least an interested person can judge the broker with the perspective of third party neutral opinion. Of course Global CTB is more than what has been discussed here. For instance, the broker offers extra-ordinary customer support while the lowest fee is second to none benefit.

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