Getting Married? Thank You Cards Are A Must: The importance Of Thank You Cards And How To Go About Them

Expressing your gratitude and appreciation is not simply yet another formality to add to an extensive wedding planning list, when you’re getting ready to tie the knot in the best wedding venue Singapore. The act of expressing your appreciation, through carefully chosen words that are handwritten in a thank you card, is a gesture of sincerity that is always welcome and well received.

Beautiful and luxurious wedding thank you cards from Rosemood allow you to convey thoughtfulness in a manner that creates a meaningful, lasting and excellent impression.

Make A Great Impression

When you’re getting married, you’ll easily have a 101 things to do before you finally get to say “I do”. Writing and sending thank you notes to your family and friends is the final task to tick off on your wedding planning list, as you begin the new adventure of married life.

Even though the recipients of the thank you cards are likely to be people that you know well, you can nonetheless create a great impression by sending them a thoughtful message of gratitude. Every recipient will think fondly of you and your new spouse, while reading your personalised prose that is elegantly presented in chic wedding thank you cards from Rosemood.

Choose A Stylish Design

Many couples opt to include thank you cards in their luxury wedding stationery suite. Doing so means that all items of stationery, including save-the-dates, wedding invites and thank you notes, feature matching and complimenting aesthetics.

Choose a stunning and stylish design, for your wedding stationery, that showcases your personalities, style and taste. Your thank you cards can feature a simple but striking motif, your favourite wedding photo, or elegant and timeless foil detailing.

Create A Thank You Card List

A thank you card list helps you keep track of whom to thank for what gift.

You will need to send a note of gratitude to:

  • All guests in attendance at your wedding who bought you a gift
  • Guests who were unable to attend your nuptials, but sent you a gift nonetheless
  • Anyone who made a financial contribution to your wedding (ie: parents and other relatives)
  • Wedding guests that didn’t buy you a gift
  • Attendees of the hen night/bridal shower and stag do
  • Anyone who helpfully ran errands for you in the lead up to your wedding day, regardless of whether or not they attended your celebration
  • Wedding vendors and suppliers who helped to make your special day so magical and memorable

Handwrite The Thank You Cards

Taking the time to handwrite your wedding thank you cards from Rosemood is greatly beneficial. Not only does your effort go a long way to letting your family and friends know how much they mean to you, but it also demonstrates your sincerity and thoughtfulness. A personalised handwritten message also shows that you haven’t simply copied your prose and duplicated the sentiment.

If you’re worried that you and your spouse have poor penmanship, it’s highly recommended that you both practice handwriting using a variety of pens before committing to the task of writing your wedding thank you notes. Guests always appreciate a handwritten note, regardless of the neatness. Share the workload by splitting the pile of cards to be written between you, and take your time working through the thank you card list.

Get Personal

To avoid your thank you note sounding impersonal and thoughtless, focus on making a generic message more personal and specific. To effortlessly create unique messages, it’s a good idea to think about each person you are writing to.

Begin personalising the message by thanking the guest for joining you on your wedding day, and for the gift that they gave you. Mentioning how you have used it (or how you plan to) is a nice touch, and gives you an opportunity to express yourself creatively.

For example, you could write something like: “Thank you so much for the state-of-the-art electric mixer – we’ve already used it to make and bake a delicious cake!”

If a guest gifted you money, it’s acceptable to write a note of thanks for their generosity, and to let them know how the gift will impact on your married life. Good etiquette dictates that you avoid mentioning the actual amount of money that was gifted.

Although thank you cards should contain a decent amount of information, it’s best to keep the message short and sweet. There’s no need to write an essay about what you plan to do with the gift you have received. A concise summary will do the trick.

Essential Proofreading

Before you pop each handwritten thank you note inside an envelope, ready for mailing, it’s absolutely essential that you take some time to proofread the messages.

Check the grammar and spelling of the personalised texts, and the names and addresses of the recipients of your thank you notes and envelopes.

When To Send Thank You Cards

It’s good wedding etiquette to write and send wedding thank you cards from Rosemood one to three months after your wedding celebrations have taken place. Your guests may assume that you’ve forgotten to send a message of appreciation and gratitude, if you leave it any longer to post the notes.

It’s also perfectly acceptable to send thank you cards as early as the week after getting hitched, if you’re honeymooning at a later date or you just like to be efficiently organised.

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