When searching for the perfect cement mixer truck price for your business, you’ll want to ensure you find a cost-effective option. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a used or new truck to accommodate the needs of your business. For the best deal, you should compare prices of different makes and models to find the most affordable option. Prices will vary greatly depending on the truck’s brand, age, and condition and how often you plan to use it. Buying a new cement mixer truck may cost more initially, but if you can use it well and keep it in good condition, you could save more money in the long run. Overall, taking your time to find the right truck and cement mixer truck price for your business will pay off in the long run.

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Different types of cement mixer trucks
How to choose the right size

Different types of cement mixer trucks

When it comes to finding the right cement mixer truck for your business, there are many different types to consider. From standard to heavy-duty models, there is a wide range of sizes and capabilities to choose from. Here is a look at the main types of cement mixer trucks:

  1. Standard Concrete Mixers: The most basic type of mixer is the standard concrete mixer. This type of mixer truck is designed for small jobs and often features an open-top drum that holds up to 3 cubic yards of concrete.
  2. Rear Discharge Mixers: These mixers have an enclosed drum that is fitted with an opening at the back that allows for concrete to be discharged directly onto the job site. These mixers can carry up to 9 cubic yards of concrete and are great for larger projects.
  3. Front Discharge Mixers: Similar to rear discharge mixers, front discharge mixers are designed to deliver concrete from the truck’s front side rather than the back. They typically have a 6-7 cubic yards capacity and can be used for large jobs.
  4. Transfer Type Mixers: Transfer type mixers are designed to transfer concrete from one truck to another and are best used when transporting concrete over long distances. They typically have a capacity of 10-12 cubic yards and can handle large loads.
  5. Articulated Mixers: Articulated mixers are designed for transporting concrete on difficult terrains or in areas with limited access. They have a capacity of 8-10 cubic yards and are very versatile as they can turn in a tight radius and even travel backward. 

No matter what type of cement mixer truck you choose, it’s important to make sure it’s the right size and can handle the job you need. Once you’ve determined the right size and style, you’ll be ready to move on to finding the perfect brand.

How to choose the right size

Choosing a cement mixer truck for your company requires careful consideration. size is one of the most important factors to consider. To ensure you make the right choice for your needs, you’ll need to determine how much concrete you need to transport at once. The size of the mixer truck will also depend on the terrain you are operating in and the weight capacity of the truck itself. 

The most common types of cement mixer trucks include small (1-2 cubic yards), medium (2-3 cubic yards), and large (3+ cubic yards). Smaller trucks are ideal for tight urban spaces and can typically fit through narrow alleyways and access points. Medium trucks are perfect for residential or small commercial projects and can carry up to three cubic yards of concrete simultaneously. Finally, larger trucks can handle larger concrete volumes and navigate rough terrain. 

When considering size, measure the vehicle’s length and width to ensure it will fit through any gates or entryways at job sites. You should also pay attention to ground clearance, wheelbase, and wheel radius to ensure the truck will not get stuck while driving over uneven surfaces or off-road terrain. Finally, if you’re working on bigger projects, you may want to look into buying multiple sizes of cement mixer trucks to keep up with the demand.


Finding a cement mixer truck that meets your needs is crucial when buying one for your company. To ensure you acquire a high-quality product, consider the various types of cement mixer trucks, the size and capacity you require, and the top brands on the market. Finally, use online discounts to guarantee the most incredible bargain. You can locate your company’s ideal cement mixer truck with the proper investigation and planning.

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