Factors to consider before buying a Ping Pong table

Ping Pong is a famous sport known as table tennis, and it is played on a specific table between two or four players divided by a net. Table Tennis requires a specified surface table, and you must have enough space to keep it in your home. Various tables are available with different budgets based on quality, net system, and other factors in the market. You need to understand those factors before buying a ping pong table. Hence, this article discusses factors before buying the best Ping Pong table.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Ping Pong Table

Table Quality

You should check the quality of the table before buying it because if you buy a table with a load of rubbish wooden tops, it may affect you while playing tennis. Because a low-quality table will not allow the ball to bounce, and the ball will get stuck with the net. 

You will find various tables with different prices in the market; the below-given trick will help you find a good and affordable table. 

A simple rule to judge the quality of a table is the thickness of the table wood.

  • If the Ping Pong table thickness is 12mm, it will be low in quality and price.
  • If the table tennis thickness is 25mm, it will be excellent in quality and expensive. Moreover, these tables are used in competitive tournaments, leagues, and challenges.

Space to place the tennis table

Make sure you have enough space to place the tennis table in your home. You can measure the length and width of the table. Because along with the table, there must be space for players to play freely.

Originally the length of the table will be 2 to 3 meters, and the width will be 1.67 to 2 meters. If your room is smaller to play table tennis, you can put the table outside, such as in the garage, garden, etc. In other cases, you must be prepared with a separate room to play table tennis.

Ping Pong Table’s portability

Ease of moving and portability of the tennis table is also a crucial factor that must be considered while buying as the table is heavy and massive in size. So, picking it from one place to another takes effort. But for most people, a tennis table is like a permanent routine. That’s why buy the table with bigger but suitable wheels because it will help move on every surface. You can easily move on grass and concrete surfaces when the wheels are studier.

Playback feature

If you want to practice or solo realistic play, you must consider this feature of table tennis. Because when you want to play a solo game, you can fold the side of the table where the ball will bounce back over the net. This feature will give you the real experience of an opposing player. There will be no gap between the vertical surface, and the ball will not fall in the gap and bounce back with speed.

Assemble the Ping Pong Table

How easy is it to assemble the ping pong table according to your requirements? That’s also a key factor, and the best Ping Pong Table comes with the required tools to help you set your table. Some tables need some amount of assembly. Getting its setting done by the company is a good idea.

Net systems

When buying a ping pong table, you must check out the features of the table net. The net system is a complicated factor of the ping pong table because quality tables come with an integrated net system which is always deployed on the table whether folded or not. Always check that there is a system to keep your net tight; if the net’s balance is disturbed, you can not balance it again. So, always tighten the net with a balance that comes from the company. Consider the net ideal balance; otherwise, you need help from a professional table tennis player to set your net balance.

Lock mechanism

The ping pong table’s locking mechanism is another important factor for you and your health. Check the locking mechanism is working properly before buying the table. These locks will prevent you from accidental opening and folding of the table. Check that the playing surface is locked in its position, which will help you to avoid severe injury in the sudden opening and folding of the table.

Final verdict

All the factors we explained above will help you purchase a ping pong table per your needs and budget requirements. It’s better to have room measurements in your mind to avoid disturbance after purchase. Also, consider incorporating some great safety mechanisms for your table.

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