Everything You Need to Know About Hylam Sheet

Hylam sheet is additionally called hylam board, phenolic covered board. It is made of excellent faded wooden structure sheet, and cotton linter paper as fortifications and a phenolic tar produced using the response of high-immaculateness, completely engineered petrochemical crude materials as a tar fastener. It is a protecting material and isn’t against static. The surface obstruction against inert materials is by, and large lower than 10 to the eleventh force Ω, and the charge on it can move, and the charge can be released by establishing, and so forth, to play an enemy of static impact. If you start a new business of hylam sheet, then you need to know all about hylam sheet. Because, if you do not research about the product, then you will be a significant loss. Today we discussed everything about the hylam sheet. For more information, please visit the website:


It is made of wood or other plant fibre as crude material and applied with urea-formaldehyde thickness and low-thickness sheets. Hylam is likewise simple to reprocess because of its sheer quality and effect obstruction. In outside nations, Hylam is a decent material for pitch or appropriate cement. The various densities are separated into high-thickness sheets, medium-making furniture. In any case, since the public norm for stature loads up is a few times slower than the global norm, the nature of Hylam in numerous nations should be improved.


It has protection attributes, no friction-based electricity, scraped area obstruction, and high-temperature opposition; it has turned into the protection switch and variable resistor of electronic items, the shape for apparatus, and the installation on the creation line. It very well may be utilized in transformer oil, and different items are utilized.

Hylam is a fake engineered compound substance. Once warmed and framed, it will harden and can, at this point don’t be shaped into different things. Since it has the qualities of non-ingestion, non-conductivity, high-temperature opposition, and high strength, it is broadly utilized in electrical items.


Excellent electrical execution at room temperature, great mechanical preparing execution, explicit gravity 1.45, warpage ≤ 3‰, with superb electrical, mechanical, and handling properties. Paper hylam is the most well-known overlay, and it is additionally the most generally utilized and most utilized mechanical cover on the planet.

Main features: 

Excellent mechanical strength, hostile to static, halfway electrical protection, made of protecting impregnated paper impregnated with phenolic pitch, prepared and hot squeezed. This item is appropriate for protecting underlying parts in engines and electrical gear with high mechanical execution necessities and can be utilized in transformer oil. With great mechanical strength, it is appropriate for PCB industry boring cushions, power circulation boxes, apparatus sheets, shape compressed wood, high and low-voltage wiring boxes, bundling machines, brushes, etc. Appropriate for engines, mechanical moulds, PCB, ICT apparatuses. It is a framing machine, boring machine, table cleaning cushion.


It is appropriate for protecting underlying parts in engines and electrical gear with high mechanical execution prerequisites. It has Good mechanical strength, essentially utilized in preparing protecting parts in ICT and ITE apparatuses, testing installations, silicone elastic button moulds, apparatus plates, form supports, table cleaning cushions, bundling machines, and service tray brushes, and so on.

Economic benefit:

Hylam sheet products are the first choice for many plastic products due to their low raw materials and excellent product characteristics.

The price of raw materials for Hylam products is nearly 50% of the price of ABS. Although hylam products need to be heated for moulding, the processing time is longer than that of ordinary plastics, and the more significant wear and tear of the mould require higher steel requirements. However, due to the advantage of the price of raw materials, it is still the first choice for many plastic parts

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