Do You Know About Space Themed Slots?

When aliens involved in the reels, you can always expect some exciting action, and we have a great selection of featured slots that have been chosen specifically for that purpose. Of course, in question include a wide range of extraterrestrial characters who, more often than not, will be unlike anything you have ever seen before. Unlike many of the featured slot themes in this section of the site, aliens were never particularly popular with land-based developers sheer number of online counterparts means that there are now different games to choose with live slot online.

Space Wars

It’s a totally new game. It’s about different Martian races fighting each other for control of the universe. It has 40 paylines and the potential to pay out up to 400,000 coins. The reel pattern is 54.  It has one more row than most slot machines, allowing for several possible slot online combinations. This slot’s backdrop is space. It also has a wide variety of creatures of various shapes.  Some have pointed tentacles, antennae, or teeth more than two eyes.

Starz megaways

Starz Megaways is an online slot with a vibrant space theme that offers players up to 117649 ways to win on every spin of the reels. That’s a number. This game has to expand wilds and free spins with sticky wilds, which provide significant potential wins. It has fantastic graphics set in outer space, with gem symbols and various types of celestial bodies. There is a catchy electronic music soundtrack that will have you dancing as you spin the reels.

Space Traders

Assume you’re in a futuristic science fiction film. You come across great business opportunities, robots, cars, and even space debris in-game. It is the story of Bea, a queen always helped by Handy Max and, of course, the robot Sam. The reels are part of a matrix that represents a space station. It’s good you’re prepared and keeping an eye out, because this slot has nine reels and can multiply the bonus up to 20 times thanks to its unique icons. When Queen Bea and Handy Max show the pieces, the player must choose three of them to reveal their value and has the option to accept or reject the offer. You’d better make the right decision!

Little Green Money

With government conspiracies and aliens, this game is ideal for movie buffs! This set contains landing mark symbols for crops, cattle, peasants, aliens, secret papers, and even MIBs (Men in Black). During the feature game, the flying saucer can fully cover one of the reels in some spins. There is also a chance to receive five free spins!


Fans of science fiction from the 1970s will enjoy this slot. This game be right up your alley if you enjoyed 2001: A Space Odyssey. The game immerses players in a fantastical journey through space with cat-themed symbols, special weapons, milkshakes, and tentacled monsters.

In addition to the intriguing theme are a few bonuses in this game that are worth noting. A chance to win 20 free spins and, on top of that, doubled payouts exist when three of the special icons show up. These unique symbols can pay out even if they are not perfectly aligned.

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