Christian Dating Can Be About Knowing the Boundaries!

Certain situations demand you to stick to your cultural and religious values. When you date the other Christian, you would want to be careful about them because there can be some moral and personal boundaries on either or both sides. For instance, you are in a committed romantic relationship with your date and want to take it one level up. You must have understood what that is – intimacy. It’s natural for two mature individuals to feel for each other and find solace in one another’s intimate embrace. But things become awkward sometimes when you don’t know what your partner thinks about it or what Christianity allows or doesn’t allow. 

If you are on a faith-based Filipino dating site, you can be sure of one thing – the partner comes from the same religious background. You can build your relationship up from there. You don’t have to worry about value systems, rituals, and others. So, this is an advantage. But you may have many questions or doubts in your mind when it comes to getting intimate with your partner. Let’s explore this aspect a bit.

A look at intimacy from a Christianity angle

Christian dating rules can be two types – abstinence and waiting. Two people can abstain from having any physical intimacy until they marry. If you decide this, it becomes your moral obligation to respect each other’s choice. You can enjoy your social lives in each other’s company more – plan movie date nights, chat over drinks or food, travel, etc. Remember, this intimacy rule is yours. It’s about your comfort levels. Another scenario is getting cozy with your partner before marriage. When you opt for this, communication becomes a critical point. Both of you may still ask what your religious teachings suggest. Generally, intimacy before marriage doesn’t form a part of faith. Some may call it a sin. However, others believe the decision depends on the partners – what they think about it or want to do.

Personal and partner boundaries 

If you are serious about your intentions and feelings about the dating partner, it’s natural to try to strengthen that bond. Emotional intimacy is one thing. But when it comes to physical closeness, you must observe your thoughts – why do you want to take this step? It can be a natural culmination if you are sure about a future with your partner. After collecting your thoughts, you must speak to your love. Find out what they choose. Their values and faith may not allow them to walk on this path. In that case, it’s wise to respect them for their decision. And if they are also ready to submit, you should appreciate and acknowledge their feelings.

Drawing a boundary in relationships is a good idea. It teaches you to be patient and respectful. You don’t judge the other person for their choices. Instead, you have a clear understanding of each other’s emotions. When two mature people take such steps, their relationship strengthens, regardless of situations or life events. They trust and respect their partners’ opinions and stand for each other in good or bad times. Such people lead happy lives in most cases. 

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