Chicago and Its Love for Music

Many U.S. cities are known for their love for music and some of them are literally known for their music style. While New Orleans is known for its Jazz and Heritage Festival, Memphis is known for its live music venues. Like all other musical cities of the U.S., Chicago also stands tall for its taste in music. The African-American community of the city has its own musical style known as Chicago Blue that they have inherited from the Mississippi River Delta area. The city has several music venues that cater to almost every kind of music taste. Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and Howlin’ Wolf were some of the famous Chicago Blues artists. The annual Chicago Blues Festival is taken place in Chicago every year in June.

Chicago Music Industry

Chicago has an ever-growing music industry that employs many music artists. The city offers several concerts and music performances throughout the year that generate an enormous amount of money. So, if you wonder why Chicago welcomes music lovers, the answer is that its music industry adds enough to its economy. Many musicians and musical groups are employed and make their living here. There are specialized music venues for live music scenes in Chicago that attract many tourists and new talents to the city. If you too are a music artist and looking for the right move, your search ends here so, start looking for some good moving companies in Chicago to move to the city.

Chicago Music Festivals

Chicago is known for its world-class music scenes and its summer music festivals. Though Chicago Blues Festival and Lollapalooza are the two most famous summer festivals, several other small festivals are popular enough to hit this list of our collection of Chicago music fests. Here we present a list of summer music festivals of this amazing blues music city.

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Lollapalooza is a four-day music festival that is held in the Grant Park area of Chicago. The festival includes all types of music genres including punk rock, hip hop, heavy metal, and electronic music. It doesn’t only host almost 400,000 people every year and features visual arts along with music events. Many big music industry names have appeared at this festival including Childish Gambino, the Strokes, Tame Impala, Ariana Grande, Twenty One Pilots, and the Flume.

Chicago Blues Festival

Chicago Blues Festival is another big music festival of Chicago that is held in June every year. It features many old and new blues singers and musicians and is hosted by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events of Chicago. Though the festival used to take place around Lake Michigan earlier, it now takes place near Millennium Park in Chicago.

Chicago Jazz Festival

Chicago Jazz festival comprises many artistic creations. It is held at Millennial Park and the Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago that showcases live musical performances. Many national and international Jazz artists participate in this amazing music festival.

Riot Fest

If you are a fan of punk rock music then Riot Fest is the event that you should not miss. It is one of the most unique musical events and is very popular in and out of Chicago. Many big artists perform at this famous fest including New Order, the Queen of the Stone Age, and Nine Inch Nails, etc. Riot Fest is held for three days at Douglas Park that showcases many colorful festivities with a lot of local food.

Chicago House Music Festival

A well-known music house music event, the Chicago House Music Festival has taken electronic dance music to the next level. The festival includes various DJ performances playing house music. Many big music names have performed in the House Music Festival including Mark Grusane, First Lady, Gene Hunt, and Mr. A.L.I. Do not forget to experience the after-party shows if traveling to Chicago during this amazing house music event.

Gospel Music Festival

Contemporary urban gospel music is the main theme of the Gospel Music Fest of Chicago. It features many traditional choirs that play many music genres like hip hop and house music along with urban gospel music. Many known gospel artists take part in this prestigious music event.

Square Roots Festival

The Square Roots festival presents a global platform to artists from various countries including Africa, Brazil, Haiti, and New Zealand, etc. The festival showcases varied international tracks that may include American folk and rock, Cajun French music, and roots reggae. Along with international music, there is a lot more to enjoy during this festival including craft beer, street food, and a craft market. The festival lasts for two to three days and is held in the Lincoln Square area of Chicago.

Along with all of the above famous music festivals, many other small music fests include Wicker Park fest, Summerdance, and Grant Park Music Festival, etc.

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