Best Farewell Gifts For Your Favorite Colleague

Goodbye’s are always so painful and we completely understand that. Especially when it is your favorite colleague leaving the organization. You would miss having lunch together, working on the same projects and your long chit chats. If you are in the same situation and want to get the best farewell gifts for your colleague, then here is a list of gifts that you can try out.

  • A handle basket that contains flowers and chocolates

You can get a basket with a handle and try to put some beautiful flowers into it, along with some yummy chocolates. Either you make it all by your own or search the same on the online gifting store of Buy Any Flowers. These hampers look super cute and your colleague will love it.

  • Bouquet of pink roses

Roses are beautiful and so is your relationship with your colleague. These pink flowers symbolize gratitude and thankfulness that you wish to show to your friend cum colleague. You can also add a small thankyou card to it.  You can get the best flower delivery Dubai options available online that can deliver your bouquet to the right destination within an hour as well. 

  • Lucky Bamboo shoot

Your colleague will be moving to a new organization and will start a new chapter in his/her life. You being a well wisher would love to wish them best of luck and nothing can be better than a bamboo plant. It is believed that bamboo shoots bring good luck to the person who gets it as a gift and this is the perfect present that you can give them.

  • Personalized Diary

There are a lot of gifting websites that can help you get a personalized diary for your colleague. These diaries or notebooks will have the name beautifully printed on the front and your colleague can make use of it in times to come to make notes.

  • Photo frame

If you both have been like best friends, then you can always give him/her a photo frame. Make a beautiful collage of some of your pictures together and frame it properly. This will be a memorable gift and your friend/ colleague will love it. 

  • Indoor plants

Your friendship with your colleague was an evergreen one and we are sure about it. That is the reason you are searching for a special gift and for an evergreen friendship  you should give green lustrous indoor plants. You can get beautiful small plants placed in cute little planters. You can gift Money plants, Jade plants, Sansevieria plants,Syngonium plants and more such beautiful plants to your colleague.  

Some other options are:

  1. Bottle of wine
  2. Personalized name engraved pen
  3. Sipper bottle with name written on it
  4. Personalized mug and cushion with thankyou written on it
  5. A farewell cake


 There are numerous gifting options that one can choose for their colleague, depending upon the type of equation they share. We always believe it is not about the cost of the product that you are gifting, but the gesture of love that matters the most. 


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