6 Things You Should Not Expect To See NBA 2K22

NBA 2K21 is coming to an end, NBA 2K22 will take its place. Will NBA 2K22 is going to be good as NBA 2K22? The game comes out on September 10th. This year, because of the pandemic and season being push back, people put higher expectations on the upcoming NBA 2K22. Unfortunately, there are things that you should not be expecting to be in NBA 2K22. Next, you are going to find out!

1.Salary Cap Mode In MyTEAM

There will more than likely not be a salary cap mode in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM. Due to the fact that, if a mode or a feature that big was coming to MyTEAM, it probably would have been a part of the overview announcement originally. As you know if you don’t know the salary cap or the MyTEAM draft is going to be a part of MyTEAM this year, so 2K announced that. What are the chances that salary cap is something that they held out telling? Sadly, You are not going to earn NBA 2K MT by salary mode anymore.

2.Fewer Microtransactions

Most players are hoping that NBA 2K22 has fewer microtransactions. Most games have any level of microtransactions in them. You have to make a decision about how are you going to play this game. Are you going to play it as a person who is strictly offline and has no need to worry about VC or NBA 2K22 MT? Or you are going to play both online and offline, but more a no money spent person, just have to grind more. Or you are a type of player who buys into this whole thing, not going to connect it to traditional gaming concepts were back in the day we used to pay 59.99 and got everything. There’s no sign of fewer microtransaction stops. Because there are fewer people complaining than people paying into.

3.Commissioner Tools In Pro-Am

Pro-am commissioner tools are something that allows players to set up their own leagues, thereby creating a more direct feeder system for 2k league. A lot of people said why won’t they even help out their own league well, that’s because we don’t understand the dynamics of it. It’s not 2k’s league instead a joint venture owned mostly by the NBA. But there was no reference to it at all.

4.An Elaborate And Cinematic Story Mode In MyCAREER

Do not expect to see an elaborate cinematic story mode in MyCAREER. Most of us don’t need another long drawn-out story with a character and a bunch of cinema screens. The whole story mode concept is a separate mode, similar to the journey champion mode and fight night champion. It was one of the best story modes ever in a sports game. Those were separate modes just totally different from career mode or franchise mode along with VC and MT NBA 2K22 prize attached to that. If that is the way that a story mode is coming to NBA 2K22, it was definitely a part of the initial rollout.

5.Cross-Platform Play

Madden and 2K should have already taken this step to cross-platform play. But all of these sports video game franchises have not adopted cross-platform play. But next year’s versions of all of the sports games will be the ones that adopt cross-platform play. However, crossplay is not going to happen in NBA 2K22, if it was a part of the game, it would have been a part of the initial preview.

6.Cross-Generational Play

Cross-generational play is not the same as cross-platform play. Cross-generational play means can PlayStation 5 people play against PlayStation 4, can PlayStation 1 x people play against PlayStation series x and series s people. The answer is still no. Because the entire grind, environment, and everything are different. On current-gen or next-gen, their whole environment is on a cruise ship, the next-gen environment is the city 2.0 which makes the whole setup and all of the joints is different.

7.Drastic Player Model Upgrades

To redo the player models that would be a significant change and upgrade. This was one of the shortest development cycles that 2k has ever had to deal with. Because they were the only ones who actually tried to make an actual next-gen game during last year’s whole cycle. They did that it shortened their development cycle coming up for 2k22. Would 2K have time to do all-new player models, probably not? Or else you would have heard something about new enhanced body types, new enhanced people, longer arms, or wider shoulders. But we didn’t get any of that which makes we will not be seeing drastically upgraded player models in NBA 2K22.

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