3 type of LUVME wig you should know

  1. Wigs with bangs:

Wigs with bangs are a great choice for people who are bold enough to experiment with new looks. This excellent wig is loaded with benefits and the biggest one is it’s concealing the hairline ability. Bangs conceal the hairline thus making the wig undetectable. If you’re also looking for premium quality wigs with bangs then you must visit Luvmehair. 

Luvmehair has top-notch quality human hair-made wigs with bangs. They have a wide range of wigs with different types, textures, sizes, and colors. luvmehair ensures the quality of the hairpiece and lets you enjoy your dreamy wig within your budget. You can buy a high-quality wig with bangs from Luvmehair. I’m sure you won’t regret buying it from luvmehair.

Reasons to buy a wig with bangs:

If you’re still confused that whether to buy a wig with bangs or not then read these top reasons to buy a wig with bangs.

Whole new look:

Say bye to your old tame look and welcome the eye-catchy new look that a wig with bangs can give you instantly. It quickly changes your appearance so you can flaunt the bangs with style.

Hide hair issues:

If you’re suffering from any hair condition like alopecia, or hair thinning, or if you’re a cancer patient and lost your natural hair due to chemotherapy then you must get a hands on wig with bangs. It perfectly covers your head and hairlines thus giving a natural hair look so no one can detect that you’re wearing a wig. Wig with bangs can give you confidence that let you enjoy life like anyone.

Fashion icon:

If you’re a fashion lover and always trying to alter your looks then you must try wigs with bangs. It completely changes your look and makes you fashionable so you can be a fashion icon and get compliments.

Unbelievably realistic:

The biggest reason to buy a wig with bangs is that it makes your wig unbelievably realistic. Maybe your normal wig can be detected easily but if you’re wearing a wig with bangs from luvmehair that is made of virgin human hair, I bet you no one can detect that you’re wearing a wig. 

The supreme quality and glossy finish with fine bangs of luvmehair wigs have a benchmark that no one can approach. So for a realistic appearance, you must buy a wig with bangs from luvmehair and expand the horizon of your beauty.

Boost confidence:

Wigs with bangs actually boost your confidence because bangs look promising and head-turning. If you wear wigs with bangs, your crowd-pleasing look will enhance your confidence and thus you can flaunt the bangs with confidence.

Valuable investment:

No doubt wigs with bangs are a great value investment because it’s perfect for any occasion. You can confidently wear your bangs wig in the office or at a party so it’s a worthy investment that you must make and buy a premium quality wig with bangs from luvmehair.

  1. Beginner friendly wigs:

Beginner friendly wigs are available exclusively at Luvmehair. They are made of virgin human hair and are available in different textures, lace types, and sizes. They are pretty easy to install and exclusively made for newbies. Beginner friendly wigs don’t require much time and effort in installation. 

You can get your dreamy wig from luvmehair and enjoy your desired style. The best thing about beginner friendly wigs is that they’re super affordable. Luvmehair wigs are not prone to shedding and tangling so without having second thoughts make a purchase and flaunt your wig.

Things to consider while choosing beginner friendly wig:

Before getting into purchase of beginner friendly wigs you must know these mandatory things as a beginner in the world of wigs. 

Glueless wig:

As a beginner, you should go for glueless wigs. These wigs are super easy to install and you can get rid of mess created by wig glue. Go for a beginner friendly wig that has glueless installation and comes with an elastic band for security.

Bleached knots and pre-plucked hairline:

If you’re buying a wig for the first time then you should go for a wig option that has bleached knots and comes with a pre-plucked hairline. Because as a beginner you’re not well known how to bleach knot or pluck the hairline. So for your convenience, it’s better to opt for a beginner friendly wig that is just ready to wear and you don’t need to put effort to make the wig ready to install.

Cap size:

Always go for a cap size that best fits you. As a newbie, you must be aware of your head size so you can select a wig cap accordingly. The ill-fitted and loose cap can make you look absurd.


Even if you’re a beginner, you should invest in a high-quality wig so the wig can stay longer. You can buy an affordable wig made of premium quality virgin human hair from luvmehair. They last longer and look unbelievably natural.


Always invest in virgin human hair made wigs. As a beginner, you can invest in luvmehair human hair made beginner friendly wigs. They have a smooth texture, and glossy finish and look as natural as natural human hair.

Reputable source:

Last but not the least; find a reputable source to get an excellent quality human hair wig. The most reputable online source for the purchase of a wig is luvmehair. They have virgin human hair wigs and a separate section for a beginner so a beginner can easily find beginner-friendly wigs according to their liking.

Other things to consider to get the best beginner friendly wigs are the style, color, and length of the wig. Go for color and length that as a beginner you can easily carry.

  1. Headband wigs:

If you’ve got a premium quality headband wig from luvmehair, then you must know the proper way to wash your wig to make your investment worthy. Luvmehair headband wigs are made of high-quality virgin material that needs to have cared properly for a longer lifespan. 

Washing process:

Let’s discuss the washing process of the headband wig.

  • Before washing your headband wig you have to brush the wig starting from the ends and then going toward the roots. This brushing technique avoids tangles in the wig.
  • Use lukewarm water and wet your headband wig fully.
  • Apply good quality wig shampoo to the headband wig and gently rub it with your hands to remove excess dirt and sweat from the wig.
  • Now rinse the wig with clean water properly to ensure no residue is left.
  • Apply some conditioner to the headband wig and then rinse with clean water.
  • You can wash the headband separately by using wig shampoo.
  • After washing the headband wig, wrap it in a clean towel to remove excess water and then let the wig air dry, or use a low-temperature blow dry to dry out the headband wig.
  • When the wig and headband are completely dry you can style them as you want.

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