12 Mobile Camera Apps for iPhone and Android

Although in-built smartphone camera technology has evolved in giant leaps across the last decade, Mobile Camera Applications (Apps) offers users, especially those with  average on board cameras to capture and share high quality photographs in an instant.

Modern Mobile iOS and Android App Development enable both amateur and professional photographers to edit and manipulate their images in order to obtain superior quality.

Mobile Camera Apps today offer users the facility for their images to be  images re-touched, graded and edited with numerous filters and effects that add value to your in-built camera

Although many Mobile Camera Apps are free to download and use, some offer premium access through in-app purchases.

   1. Camera MX

Camera MX is one of the oldest and most popular Mobile Camera Apps with a base of mainly amateur users. This Mobile Camera App has a variety of shooting modes to shoot photos or videos. Perfect for sharing, you can even make your own GIFs as well through this App.

   2. Cymera

For those wanting to look good, the Cymera Mobile Camera App  includes a Beauty Feature and having captured your perfect pic you can edit it further with the Cymera Photo Editor and share your image with friends and family, adding stickers, special effects and more.

   3. Google Camera

Developed by Google’s Official App Developer the Google Mobile Camera App, Google Camera comes pre-installed on most Google devices. Google Camera has a handful of effective features and also features video stabilization, a lens blur mode and even slow motion (on supported devices).

   4. Open Camera

This open source and completely free Mobile Camera App is one of the most popular Mobile Camera Apps for serious photographers. Features include High Dynamic Range (HDR), support for external microphones and a timer function as well.

   5. Pixtica Mobile Camera App

Although users may require a subscription for some of its advanced features this Mobile Camera App offers exposure control, live filters, manual controls, RAW file support, QR code scanner, a slow motion mode and even a GIF recorder as well! Pixtica even comes with a very basic gallery and photo editor also.

   6. ProCam X

ProCam X features include facial recognition, support for 4k video recording, support for RAW and a burst mode as well. If your device supports it, ProCam X also offers certain manual controls

   7.  SayCheese

Meeting up with friends or family and you need to take a group photo but everyone also needs to be in the photo? Look no further than the handy SayCheese remote Mobile Camera App that allows you to connect to a friend’s phone and take pictures with their camera on your device.

   8. Halide Mk II – Pro Camera Mobile App

Widely regarded as one of the best camera apps for iPhones, the Halide Mk II – Pro Camera Mobile Camera App is full of tools that leverage the most of your iPhone camera. Professional photographers will be more than satisfied with the Instant RAW feature that allows images to be upgraded with a single tap of a button and if you wish, it is also possible to shoot to Digital Negative (DNG RAW) and Smart HDR simultaneously.

   9. ProCam 8

With some 17 creative lenses and a host of different modes (time lapse, video, burst, slow shutter (for motion blur, light and low light) and portrait, ProCam 8 presents an easy to use straightforward App Development  for both amateur and professional photographers.

10. Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HDR offers support for manual camera controls and RAW captures in addition to HDR and 4K video recording for professionals. Amateur users will love the various fun shooting modes with social media friendly stickers, effects and many more

11. VSCO

Considered one of the best all-round Mobile Camera Photo Editing Apps, VSCO showcases a range of effects and filters that can even be applied to video content as well. One of VSCO’s most unique features is its ability to emulate a host of other cameras.

12. Candy Camera Mobile Camera App

Perfect for selfie lovers, the Candy Camera Mobile Camera App is packed with plenty of filters to make you look your best. For those beautiful moments, Candy Camera also showcases a list of popular  beauty editing tools such as whitening, lipstick, concealer, mascara, blush, eyeliner and even a slimming tool as well!

Having taken your selfie, Candy Camera users can simply swipe left and right to go through the available filters, until you find the one that works for you. The Candy Camera Mobile Camera App also features plenty of stickers, a collage making tool and many more fun features to make you look your best. 

Mobile Camera Apps present the chance for both amateur and professional photographers to significantly improve and modify their captures in order to deliver beautiful and stunning photographs.

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