12 Features To Look Out For When Selecting Your Virtual Events Platform

Enough is said and written about ways and tips on choosing the best virtual events platform for your organization. But there is one important aspect that most of the knowledge base miss on focussing: Audience Engagement. 

Engagement is paramount and any decision leading to its opposite can bring you negative impact. Choosing a virtual event platform with multiple mediocre features might not work the best for you. Especially when virtual event platforms are on rise and organizers are moving online from in-person event mode. 

Virtual event platform with plethora of high end management features, that not just caters to your needs but also provides an exceptional experience for the attendees is the need of the hour. 

While you still have to do the hard job of investing your time in choosing the best virtual event platform for your needs, we help you with 12 important features that you MUST look for in the platforms during the haul. 

And yes, all our tips are focused on increasing audience engagement!

Ability to customize

A rigid platform is of no use to the modern technology-driven world. Experience, transformation, feeling, and ease are the important factors that attract users. 

A virtual event platform must be easily customizable to fit in needs such as branded web rooms, event registration facilities, customizable email templates, and event website. All these features must also be available for the attendees to see and experience on the user’s end. 

Any virtual event platform without these customizable features will not be a great mode to attract an audience. 

Check with your provider about the customizable options before moving forward. 


Automation is the key to many successful events in the recent past. To hire less and quickly wrap your tasks, you need a virtual event platform with great automation features to give you significant success. 

When creating breakout sessions, implement automation. For registrations and follow-ups, implement automation. To entertain your audience apart from the presentations, implement automation. 

Before you check more about the automation feature, understand,

  1. If the organizer will have access to the important backend features. 
  2. The time it will take for organizers to upload data. 
  3. If there are any crucial pages where there is no automation. 

Virtual space availability

Virtual event platforms are best known for its ability to let attendees hangout post events with industry experts and fellow attendees. As organizers, you MUST prioritize choosing a virtual event platform that empowers you with this particular feature.

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Look out for the different types of virtual spaces that you can create, such as,

  1. Lobbies
  2. Conference halls
  3. Networking lounges
  4. Meeting rooms

Monetization features

We still have the notion that virtual event platforms are unlike the in-person events and can’t be monetized. Well, that’s incorrect!

We can equally monetize virtual events like the in-person events, just that the way and experience are different. But you need an exceptional virtual event platform that makes the journey similar to the in-person events, and even better. 

Look out for platform options with monetization options. Check if the platform lets an advertisement space for the sponsors. 

Live broadcasting capability

You might wonder that virtual events are created for live broadcasting itself, then why is it considered a special feature!

It’s because live broadcasting is more than the ability to present slides to your audience. 

Modern-age virtual event platforms are equipped with live broadcasting features that not just let the speaker present, but also interact with their audience. Live polls, live Q&As, multi-speaker sessions, these are all the benefits of live broadcasting. 

So if your virtual event platform is only restricted to the old-age slide presentation capability, then you need a change!

Ability to communicate

During in-person events, not just the speakers but attendees could interact freely with their subordinates or the organizers. As virtual event platforms replace in-person events, communication becomes an important aspect to consider. 

Check if the virtual event platform offers features like,

  1. Q&A 
  2. Group chat
  3. Messages
  4. Live chat
  5. Polls
  6. Surveys
  7. Feedback

Social media integration

Any virtual event platform without social media integration is incomplete. As the world has transformed towards the virtual hangout spaces, it is important that you are present at these hangout spots to attract more target audience. 

Virtual event platforms with social media integration is an automated weapon for the organizers. You can connect the two and keep the buzz going on social platforms. 

But understand which are the social media platforms that you get access to? 

Live event recording

Recording a live event comes as a rescue to the attendees and for all those registrants who couldn’t attend the event. Event recordings let you follow-up with the attendees and build a good brand name. 

Ensure that you check about the following things with your provider,

  1. Where will the recording be saved?
  2. How many people can you send the recorded video?
  3. How many people can access the video?
  4. Is there a fee to avail the live event recording?

Pre-recorded content

Live events are great, but you also must be equipped with the feature to present pre-recorded slides or videos. In case you want to avoid faultless events, or want to present a portion of the topic from a previous recording, you need to have the ability to present pre-recorded content. 

Don’t miss on asking about this feature!

Troubleshooting support

There are certain things that are beyond control of your team of experts. For any difficult situation or unexpected issues, understand the availability of your virtual event platform providers. 

Get a clear picture of their availability in live troubleshooting your issues. Get as much technical information as possible and analyze their scope of support when you need them. 


As business functioning goes virtual, it is important that you analyze every aspect of your event or functions for upcoming changes to exceptional results. Virtual event platforms with built-in analytics that give you a deep-dive into your target audiences’ behaviour is your saviour. 

The better the analytics and insights, the more helpful you are in the industry. 


Platforms keep evolving over time and you must be in check with the future goals of your virtual event platform provider. The existing platform might be the best and suits your needs, but the future goals might not align with your business and expectations. So would you want to make the troublesome move of shifting to a new system again? Or would you like to avail an option that doesn’t hamper your functioning? 

Check that out with your provider!


The cumulation of all the features mentioned above is known as Goldcast

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Goldcast is equipped with every feature that enhances your AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT and provides you with analytics that helps you uncover more from the industry. 

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