10 Best Places To Visit For Peace Lovers In 2022!

Pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s peaceful life for the last two years. Travelling, exploring, doing adventurous activities all were put at a halt. The dreadful headlines every day had robbed the much-needed peace from our lives to have a fresh start in 2022. There are times when you want to take a break from the hustling and relax. Here’s a list of 10 peaceful places, which will give you your much-needed break. Visit now on Loveholidays

1. Auroville

Auroville is popularly known as the ‘City of Dawn.’ It is located in India. It is a spiritual hub, visited by people from more than 40 countries. Located near the Union Territory of Pondicherry, the place attains glory as one of the best peaceful places in India to experiment with your consciousness.

The major attraction here is the MatriMandir. Auroville is best suited for meditation and calming your mind and body; one can also join healing courses.

2. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is considered a perfect place to have a lovely time with a cup of coffee and a journal. It is one of the beautiful and peaceful places. It is an ancient city, but its charm hasn’t faded yet. Here you can live a quiet life where people are reserved and don’t engage you much in conversations.

Tours and roaming around isn’t the main attraction of the city. Austrians are amiable. You will be fortunate to be in Vienna if you are a coffee person. There are numerous coffee points one can easily find there, and they are the classic ones. The cool-chic vibes there attract everyone who is looking for a break.

Besides sipping the hot coffee, you can always explore it and visit the famous Vienna Woods. Either take a bike or go around on foot. There are other options like swinging in Opera and getting lost in a musical idyll with no disturbance. The city also has various galleries that can leave you wonderstruck. If you are an art lover, then do visit the Museum Quarter.

3. Tosh

It is a village situated in Himachal Pradesh’s Parvati valley with views all around, which will calm your body and mind. This place provides you with much-needed peace. Tosh is surrounded by greenery with pictures of a waterfall and snow-clad peaks, making its ambiance peaceful and the scenic view rejuvenating one’s mind and soul. To refresh your mood you can walk around the village.

Always choose accommodation which has a beautiful view. Sitting in the room and enjoying the surroundings is very soothing. Tosh is most known for the trek route here, Kheerganga being the most popular.

4. Kamakura, Japan

You can reach this place by taking the JR Yokosuka line. This elegant and peaceful temple town is not more than 50 km away from the central city of Tokyo. The city is known for its charm and various temples with wooded and lush surroundings.

The temples are scattered, and thus you don’t have to face any crowd. The shrines and temples serve as an excellent option to be secluded from the busy life and spend some time in serenity. You would enjoy the way from one temple to another as it is surrounded by soothing bamboo groves, which is a must place to capture amazing pictures.

5. Iceland Glacier Tour

Peaceful glacier walks on an Iceland glacier tour are sure to surprise you with mind-boggling landscapes. For glacier walk southern glaciers Vatnajökull and Mýrdalsjökull are the most preferred ones. These glaciers will give you an overdose of peace as its all white surrounding and the chill weather that is to enjoy. You can do many activities to explore the glacier-like glacier climbing, glacier Snowmobiling, hiking, and cave tours.

6. Gimmelwald, Switzerland

The most beautiful thing about the city is that it is noise-free and air pollution-free. Motorized vehicles are not allowed here, and thus its pristine air is still preserved. This would be a heavenly experience for any nature lover. The true glory of the environment and the scenic view can be enjoyed here. This place is often confused with the famous resort in Switzerland named Grindelwald. So, make this clear that this place is a Swiss village with tall and beautiful mountains. You won’t see any modern vehicles there, and thus the streets are also quiet.

Located at the bottom of the Jungfrau Mountains, it provides many hiking trails. There are many trails, some very challenging and others quite hilarious ones. You can view the lush green forests, refreshing waterfalls, and calming streams through these treks. The gorgeous beauty there will leave you awestruck as the Alps Mountain has a lot you can enjoy.

7. Silent Valley National Park

This tropical evergreen forest, located 20km from Mannarkkad town in Palakkad district of Kerala, is a place where you can get lost in the muse of nature and feel liberated in your thoughts.

You can watch the birds, trek down the river, take a trek down to the Kunti river, feel refreshed, and enjoy life to the fullest. It is located at the heart of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. It is considered a magnificent and supreme gift of nature to humanity. It has a unique view of tropical rainforests. There is a pristine glory preserved. It signifies uninterrupted ecological history.

8. Slope Point, New Zealand

Slope points in New Zealand are touched by the powerful and cold currents from the Antarctic Ocean. They pass through the rocky cliffs & green pastures. The trees have visible scars as they are relentlessly slaughtered. Here the bent is also peculiar, and the trees are crooked.

This place is a therapeutic one and very peaceful. You would often see sheep’s grazing there. The winds there make the area a bit bleak. The blue ocean serves as the background of the beautiful view. It is optimal for all introverts to reflect and have a fresh start.

9. Hampi

Hampi in Karnataka is known for its historic ruins that take you back to the era of the Vijayanagara empire. Hampi was an essential center where the trade of spices, cotton, gemstone, and horses was made. It was the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. It is believed that rubies and diamonds were sold on the streets.

A visit to Lotus Palace and Virupaksha Temple, which are at the ruins of Hampi, soothes the mind. The aura here at Hampi is peace-giving that one forgets all their worries. The simplicity will take you back to older times when current complexities were absent. At that time, there was no paper currency, but gold and silver metal were being used as the city’s currency.

10. Nongriat

Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is a popular tourist attraction, and one of its wonders is the double-decker living root bridge in Nongriat. These bridges are made out of the roots of trees, it is a lengthy process as sometimes it takes 15 years to complete, but once done, it can hold the weight of 50 people. They get much firmer with time. To reach the double-decker bridge, you will need to trek for around 3-hours.

Trek offers a scenic view and pleasant weather. There are some shaky bridges also one can enjoy. You will surely forget about all the worries and the rest of the world. All those there have been absorbed by its serenity, beauty, and magical nature. To get a peaceful experience, one can stay in the guest house. For many, it has been a wonderful and relaxing experience. It is a dream come true to get a heavenly experience here.


These are the ten most peaceful places for Peace Lovers from where one can retain his serenity and peace. Even though Covid-19 is still around, a quiet getaway won’t harm anybody if done by taking proper precautions and adhering to covid guidelines stated by the Government. Taking a break is essential from the hustle-bustle of city life. Visit now on Loveholidays

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