Wollongong Phone Repair: The Company That Comes To You!

With the recent technological advancements, phones have become among some of the crucial gadgets in life. Modern phones operate as computers as some have a storage capacity that allows users to store even their credentials, let alone memories of some of the issues that affect them directly. However, with the recent developments, one of the common aspects is phone damage. With new touch screen phones, cracking problems and other forms of phone damage have been rampant. However, organizations such as Wollongong phone repair have been chipping to rectify some of these damages. Their services have been helping users recover gadgets that were initially thought to have been written off. 

Location and Experience

The phone rehab is located upstairs of Wollongong central shopping center. The phone rehab is strategically placed to offer all city dwellers services. The repair room has experienced specialists who will help you with your repair needs. In addition, after purchasing a new phone or tablet, you can consult our specialist, and they will advise you on some of the tips that will help you avoid damaging the phone or tampering with some of the most crucial parts.   

Brands and Models

We have interacted with engineers from different organizations, and our specialists have the experience of repairing at least all phone and tablet brands. These models include iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Nokia, Oppo, and Google, let alone Sony Xperia and Huawei. Depending on the level of damage, our team of experts will advise you accordingly and ensure that you will receive your fixed phone in the nearest time possible. 

Services Offered

Some of the standard services offered by our team of experts include fixing cracked screens, reversing damages caused by water, retrieving data and other software issues. Phone charging and battery issues have been affecting society in modern days. However, our experts have experience fixing some of these issues within hours. Other services offered within the premises include microphone or speaker faults, let alone micro-soldering. Some of these services will take up to 24 hours, depending on the level of damage. However, our experts are sensitive to time and urgency. On a good day and with slight faults, your phone will be fixed within hours. Our experts are well equipped with repairing any responsibility affecting your gadget.

After Sales Services

For this reason, we offer to fix all flaws, and our repairs come with a 12-month warranty. Our staff with extensive knowledge and skills in repairing all mobile devices ensure that your gadget is repaired efficiently. Our experts use spare parts that are genuine hence the comprehensive service warranty. The other merit of trusting our phone rehab is that we operate through a loyalty program that is price match guaranteed. In other words, we ensure that our prices are in line with the services offered by our experts. With a one year warranty, you can trust our services as we partner with genuine organizations that ensure that all our spare parts are real and working. We also have a follow-up program that provides that everything is working after our repair services. 

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