Why Do You Need to Monitor Your Kids’ Smartphones?

Kids, these days, are too stubborn. Even when they know that there might be dangers associated with the things that they want, they would still move towards the same things. The same is the case with smartphones and their uses.

Though it amuses the kids and they want their hands on social media, internet, and smartphones as soon as they can, it still is very dangerous for them. Smartphones do bring fun and entertainment, but at the same time, they should be used within limits only. Unfortunately, kids don’t know any limits when it comes to the things they require.

Many parents are not tech-savvy enough to understand the use of monitoring tools as they only rely on old traditional ways. They use old ways to tackle their kids, but those ways don’t work anymore as the kids are pretty tired of those days.

Kids are pretty much advanced right now and if you try to be authoritative with them, they will easily drift away from you. You need to be smart about keeping a check on them while being there with them as well. Using the right monitoring tool and knowing can I spy on a phone with just the number can help a lot.

Why Do You Need to Monitor Your Kids?

You need to know what they are doing on social media and smartphones all the time. Nowadays kids are using smartphones all the time even when they are not supposed to use them. For instance, they shouldn’t be using smartphones when they are in the family gathering, or when they are supposed to be sleeping.

If they are not listening to you, or when they are getting angry over the little things, they are probably doing something that is keeping them off the reality check. Here are some of the things that they can face when they are using smartphones excessively.


Many parents don’t know it yet but kids easily get addicted to the use of smartphones and especially social media. This addiction is similar to any other substance addiction and can cause serious issues with their mental and physical health.

Addiction becomes intense and serious when it exceeds the limits. If they don’t listen to you or are rude most of the time, then they are probably getting addicted to the use of smartphones and it is very hard to get them back on track.


Cyberbullying is a common issue when it comes to the excessive use of smartphones and the internet. When they make connections or make old friends join there, they will probably use the platform to tease each other or to use new ways to tackle the old rivalries.

This can easily lead to cyberbullying which can be proven very dangerous for kids. There are have been several reports where kids have even committed suicide due to the humiliation they faced online. They felt the shame and it turned out to be very dangerous for them.


If kids are stuck to their phones all the time, they are probably talking to someone constantly and that means they have found new acquaintances. It is no harm in making new friends and talking to new people but you should know that most of these people are predators and are looking to find new and innocent kids who can be of use to them.

Predators are everywhere online and they look out for the kids looking for love and care. They become their well-wishers and create a good relationship where they ask them to share personal stuff. Out of innocence, kids easily get into the trap and the predators easily take advantage of them.


Sexting is more common in kids than in adults. When kids join social media, they are usually excited to make new relationships and when things hype up, the wrong sort of things come into the scene such as sexting.

Sexting is the exchange of sexual content with each other to hype up the relationship. The stuff shared in the name of a relationship can easily be used by the other person to humiliate or insult them. Sometimes, they use the same stuff to take revenge after the relationship is over.

Dangers like these can hurt the mental and physical health of the kids. Once they fall into these traps and use social media tools for this sort of fun, they get indulged in activities that they cannot come back from.

So, they hide things from their parents and when nothing more can be done, they end up hurting themselves. Many parents still regret not knowing their kids better or now opening up to them at the right time so that they could have prevented the sad incidents.

Using the Snapchat Hack Tool

There are several monitoring apps and Snapchat hack tools that can be used to keep an eye on the kids. You can make sure that you see what they are doing and how are they dealing with the things on the internet.

The basic reason for using the monitoring tool is not to interfere all the time but to silently see what the kids are doing and when they should get help. You should be the first to help them if they feel trapped or helpless.

Also, it would be wise for parents to guide their kids when they join social media or use smartphones at first. You should talk to them, guide them about the things that they could face when they talk to strangers over the internet.

You can also tell them your stories about how you came to know about these things and how you made mistakes. When you open up with them, it gives them the courage to do the same with you. Also, they should know that they can come to you whenever they want and they won’t face any judgments.

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