Why Do Men Love Wearing Jewellery These Days?

Jewellery is the most ancient archaeological artefact.  They are attached to the body or clothes for personal adornment. They include rings, brooches, necklaces, pendants and cufflinks, earrings, etc. They are durable ornaments and are composed of many basic materials such as gold, silver, platinum, gemstones, diamond, coral, amber, beads, and shells. 

They are considered status symbols. Jewellery is made to adorn almost every part of the body, including hairpins, toe rings, and even genital jewellery. As per European culture, male adults wear comparatively low compared to other cultures. 

Jewellery was considered the prerogative of women. But nowadays’ men love to wear jewellery. There is a cultural shift and taste of people. It is amazing to see that offers an exclusive collection of men’s fashion jewellery in 2022. The following could be attributable to men love wearing Jewellery:

1: Shimmering Colour of Materials

  • Gold is the choice of a confident man because it oozes opulence. Men love to use small inconspicuous pieces like wedding rings and cufflinks. Some men may like to have a touch of gold on the watch when combined with silver or steel.
  • Sterling Silver is a versatile, affordable metal that is loved by many men. Those wearing this metal are those who like to maintain a subtle accent on the dress rather than making a bold statement. They put two or three pieces in all.
  • Platinum: Men find this material the best for an engagement ring. It combines the shimmering colour and durability of gold, followed by the sophistication of silver. The luxuries and status symbols follow platinum. The high price tag is a good and safer way of saving wedding bands. It is too bit shiny that may make men war it for the sake of vanity.

2: Follow the Celebrities

Modern-day adults take pride in following celebrities as much as they can. The jewellery industry put their brand ambassador in with the jewellery adorning a particular portion of their body. It is impertinent that the brand ambassador must be of distinguishable masculinity. 

Millions are spent on advertisements in print and electronic media. Like any other movement, the fashion movement is one of the major reasons for men loving to wear jewellery. For instance, Robert Dowey Jr. and Mark Walberg are fighting against the stigma of jewellery being the prerogative of women.

3: Societal Transformation

As with any tradition or prejudice in society, the jewellery design is also dynamic. Both men and women are looking to ignore the old practice and explore new ones. As such new practices and experiments, new fashions are evolving. 

Because of the transformation of societal changes, once something considered odd is now considered a normal practice of society. A man wearing a jewel is no more criticized by others looking at them. Rather it is considered a unique style or rather a signature style.

5: Market Expansion 

Taking advantage of the trend, the jewellery market men is expanding fast with the introduction of more innovative and sophisticated items. The craze is growing faster and more amounts are invested from the jewellery industry that is meant exclusively for men. 

The younger generation of men in China and Japan like to wear jewellery that represents adventures. More personalized jewellery attracts more profit. The jewellery stores make the items according to the specific size, design, material, and body parts that are to be adorned. 

6: Cultural Shift

Goldsmith’s Company in London has been in this industry for many hundred years. David Mills and Harriet Scott of this company say that men are looking for precious jewellery of higher quality. The annual event of Goldsmith’s Fair displayed many jewellery items specifically for men. Tomaz Donock, a jewellery maker, makes special bracelets and necklaces for Russell Brand, the British comedian who is fond of layered jewellery. 

Another fashion-conscious man fond of jewellery is Harry Styles. Donocik designs bracelets in leather with precious metals are for casual layering. The demand for unisex jewellery has been growing, as reported by Josef Koppmann. The traditionally dull dress of men has been tending to be more attractive, particularly when compared with another adventure style.

7: Men’s Options for Jewellery

Men can help us with the following jewellery to hat acts as a means to self-express or a form of individualizing your look. The following are some of the jewellery that could be used by men

  • Wrist Watch: There was a time when jewellery was exclusively worn by women. Men were either reluctant to wear some or were not necessary. But with the evolution of technology, the fashion and jewellery industry is evolving fast. For instance, smartphones accompanied by you everywhere show you time. But you love to wear a costly and stylish wristwatch for adorning your wristwatch. 
  • Necklace: It is an exclusive item for women, and hence men could shy away from wearing the same because of the feministic brand attached to it. But men could pick a necklace of mid-weight with a pendant hanging on it. While it showcases your religious or spiritual trend of mind, it may add create a point while on show.
  • Rings (Finger): A wedding ring made of any precious stone has become the insignia of assurance for the wedding. Besides preserving it as a memory of that precious moment, you can engrave on it the wearer’s initials, family crest, or any other matter of significance. A ring made out of sterling gold is will never go out of style.
    • Bracelet: If you are already wearing a dignified wristwatch, you can add to the style by wearing a stylish bracelet, maybe gemstones fitted onto them. You can make your point stronger if you wear it on your right (strong) hand.
  • Cufflinks: This item is a must; for the formal occasion of ‘black tie,’ it can add to the combination while you are on your working end. In order to make it more conspicuous, you can add your name or any other matter of significance to them. The cufflinks are particularly wear-worthy during your wedding.
  • Tie-Clip: If you are working in a well-recognized business house or are in the corporate sector, a metal tie clip made of any of the materials quoted above metals a must for you. It keeps your tie in order. You should keep in mind that the metal is of the same metal as are other jewellery worn by you.


Every human being loves to wear jewellery; therefore, we all know the basic reason why most men love to wear rings, chains, cufflinks, tie-clips, bracelets, and more.

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