General anesthesia was first used for liposuction. These early procedures led to severe bleeding, bruising, long recovery times, and prolonged bleeding. Orlando liposuction provides you dermatologist, applied a common technique to liposuction. He used tumescent water. This allowed surgeons liposuction to be performed using local anesthetic. The procedure also drastically reduced bleeding, bruising, and overall recovery times compared with early ones.

Today, either general or local anesthesia is used for liposuction. Both patients receive tumescent oil as part their operation. There are many differences between each type and how they can be used. The best type of anesthesia for you may depend on your personal preference, your body goals or your budget.

Benefits & Downsides of Liposuction with Local Anesthesia

Many surgeons in Houston, TX perform liposuction with local anesthesia. It has several advantages, including the patient’s peace of mind (some people dislike the idea of “going beneath”), lower cost, as well as a lower risk.

Local Anesthesia

Greater peace of your mind – patients may not like the idea of general Anesthesia. Additionally, recovering from general Anesthesia can be stressful.

  • General anesthesia has no risks of complications
  • It is also less expensive since there are no anesthesiologists required
  • It’s not necessary to travel for treatment at a hospital.
  • Surgeons typically use smaller cannulas. This decreases the risk of bleeding, scarring and bruising.

What’s the downside to local anesthesia

Liposuction under local anesthesia could limit the amount of cases that can be handled in one procedure. This is due to patient comfort and the possibility of lidocaine poisoning.

Downsides and benefits of liposuction under general anesthesia

General anesthesia still is preferred by many surgeons for liposuction. Because the surgeon doesn’t need to worry about making sure everything is numb, it makes the process much simpler. The biggest benefit to patients is the ability to perform more complex cases in one operation. And if it sounds too scary, general anesthesia might be best.

General Anesthesia

You won’t feel or hear any sensations! General anesthesia is the best option if your preference is to go unconscious for liposuction.

A single procedure can treat several body parts. General anesthesia is necessary if you wish to have “full body liposuction” (4+ areas) done in one session.

When to Choose Local or General Anesthesia for Your Liposuction Treatment

General anesthesia is often the only method of getting pain relief. However, some surgeons will insist otherwise. Your surgeon may recommend local pain relief if you are only looking to have one area suctioned like the arms, love handles, or chin. General anesthesia is not necessary for smaller cases and smaller areas. General anesthesia may still be recommended for large areas. The possibility of having more than 3 areas suctioned in one procedure with local pain medication is not possible. It all depends upon the size of your case as well as the specific areas being treated.

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