What are the advantages of Sublistar’s DTG Printer?

What’s new in Sublistar’s DTG Printer recently? Why is this DTG Printer so expensive? What are the advantages of our DTG Printer?

Mention DTG Printer, people will think of DTG Printer of big brand Brother. Although Brother’s DTG Printer is expensive, its performance is stable and its output quality is high. And easy to operate.

Sublistar’s DTG Printer can be said to have an affordable price, but it restores many of the functions of Brother’s DTG Printer to the greatest extent possible. The most important thing is to have the quality of the big brands. Next we will focus on the advantages of DTG Printer.

A Advantage of Sublistar’s DTG Printer

  1. The DTG Printer has an automatic wake-up function and can perform automatic maintenance under standby conditions.
  2. The DTG Printer has a timing cycle system, which can automatically detect the height and adjust accordingly, so as to avoid the possibility of scratching the printheads.
  3. Equipped with a negative pressure ink supply system, which can keep the ink supply stable and reduce the frequency of clogging.
  4. With the machine start-up cleaning mode. Brother’s DTG Printer is turned on to ensure that the print head is in good condition. The print head is automatically cleaned. Automatic cleaning consumes a lot of ink. Invisibly increases the cost of ink. Sublistar’s DTG Printer can choose to clean on demand according to the actual situation of the print head, which can save ink consumption.
  5. With platform lifting function. In order to increase the lifting stroke of the platform, the printing range can be better adjusted. In particular, the platform gasket is added to make it a better choice. Printing is more assured.

Two Software Highlights of Sublistar’s Direct to garment Printer

  1. With exclusive COLORSHIFT function. The ability to create color variations based on the t-shirt background, this feature also allows you to automatically remap the hue of certain images to fit the color of the t-shirt itself.
  2. BG.A.P proprietary technology

BG.A.P proprietary technology makes it possible to use the color of the t-shirt as a virtual coloring. This minimizes the use of CMYK real inks, especially white inks. This gives the T-shirt a more natural and tactile look and greatly reduces ink consumption and thickness on the fabric.

  1. Main features of the software

(1) True color reproduction—what you see on the screen is the printed content;

(2) White Mask Generator — Easily create white underlays to print on dark clothing without relying on photo editing software programs.

(3) Cost Calculator—Print to preview ink cost.

(4) Archive print jobs at any time, view settings and costs.

(5) White Density Configuration – Adjust the amount of white ink and achieve different effects on the same print.

(6) Decolorization function.

(7) Easy to use – drag and drop and print, no special skills required.

(8) Support all common image file formats (tif gif jpeg png pdf)

(9) Compatible with Mac OS and Windows.

In addition to one more preprocessing link than other printing methods. Pretreatment is to spray the pretreatment liquid evenly on the T-shirt or the fabric you need to print. The final pattern is printed on the garment, unlike other printing methods. This printing method is more comfortable and breathable. So the added value of this product will be higher. And Sublistar’s DTG Printer currently has two specifications, not limited to single-station operation, there are currently two specifications. One is a single-station operation platform, and the other is a double-station operation platform to meet your larger printing needs. higher efficiency.

These are the advantages of Sublistar’s DTG t-shirt Printer, which can help you print your cotton garments better.

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