Things to Know Before Buying Kids Electric Cars

When it comes to buying a vehicle for your young child, it is common to look into electric cars for kids. Electric cars tend to be a good choice for those parents looking for something sizeable, suitable and generally quite stylish. However, there are some things to know before you go ahead and buy an electric motor for your child.

To help you make sure you can make an investment you are happy with, this simple list of things to know should break down some of the key questions you might have in mind.

You should probably avoid manual steering

A common mistake made by some parents when buying electric cars for kids comes down to manual steering. Manual steering is usually aimed at children who are a little older; children who have yet to reach primary school years might find manual steering to be too hard. This requires developed motor skills to ensure they can drive the car safely.

So, especially if your child is a toddler or is only in early nursery, you should go for automated steering.

The age range on an electric car does matter

Some parents assume they can get away with buying a younger child’s model for an older child because it is cheaper. However, these tend to be very easy to drive and can remove much of the fun or stimulation factor. As such, if a car says it is for children aged X-Y, you should trust that information is correct.

Stimulation matters, so focus on buying an electric car for kids that is mentally invigorating.

Do not ignore the size limits suggested

By the same token as above, do not assume that a car for younger children is suitable based on size alone. You want something that is spacious, not crammed, for your youngster. Not only will most children feel uncomfortable in a tight car, but they will also usually feel like operating the car becomes a mild nightmare.

You should, therefore, take a look at the size limits closely before you commit to any particular electric car for children.

Factor in the power in your decision making

Those who are looking to buy a vehicle for their child need to evaluate based on the power capacity of the vehicle. For example, those with a 6V power capacity are suited for ages 2-4. 12V systems are more suited to those aged 3-6 and can hit some pretty decent speeds of up to 5mph. 24V vehicles, the most common choice, are suited to those aged 6-9 and can hit speeds of 6mph – and handle going uphill.

Going above this to the 36-48V range means you should be looking at children aged 7+ for such power levels. The safety of your child will be determined by how well they can handle the speed and acceleration of the vehicle. So, take that into account – the power of any electric car for kids must be suited to their age, motor skills, and experience.

Keep the above in mind, and it should be much easier for you to choose between the many electric cars for kids out there. A choice based on the above factors should be much more likely to be a safe, satisfying and overall spectacularly fun experience for your child.

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