Reviewing the Hyundai i3 for Beginners

The first iteration of the i30 was launched back in 2007 – and the Korean company hasn’t looked back since. Today, the i30 is in its third generation and has been updated for 2021.

It’s a safe and affordable choice – and the third generation only adds more features that have been updated to meet the stiff challenge from rivals such as the Seat Leon, Ford Focus, and Volkswagen Golf. New updates include hybrid tech for the engines to improve emission and the economy, along with an improved infotainment suite.

The i30 doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all trim – you can choose between various styles including the Fastback, Tourer and the i30N hot hatch that’s known for offering a fun driving experience.

It’s worth pointing out that all trims of the i30 come with a generous 5 year, unlimited mileage. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that the i30 is a no-brainer for anyone looking to buy a family car that is safe, affordable, and future-proof.

Drive and Engine

The latest iteration of the i30 boasts a 1.0 T-GDi 48v Hybrid 120, capable of producing 118bhp.

As is par for the course for hybrid engines in this range, it comes with a small battery and electric motor that can help you drive around on electricity around. There is enough juice in there to help you get from point A to point B – but you’re not going to get very far before having to stop for a recharge (and you won’t be able to reach high speeds either).

You can also opt for the 1.5 T-GDi 48v Hybrid 159, capable of producing 157 bhp and accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in just under 9 seconds. The special order 1.6 CRDi 48v Hybrid 136 diesel produces 134 bhp and will reach 62 mph in about 10 seconds.

Ride Comfort

One of the most useful qualities of the i30 is the enjoyable ride. The durable suspensions can effortlessly absorb all the bumps on the road. Meanwhile, the higher end trims with larger alloy wheels provide decent comfort.

This isn’t to say that the i30 struggles when riding across rougher roads – but it never uncomfortable. The only downside is that the i30 feels floatier compared to its sportier rivals on bigger bumps.

Performance in Terms of Handling

The i30 comes with soft suspensions, which means it isn’t the best family hatchback in terms of handling. It doesn’t feel too sharp or responsive on twisty roads.

The steering never engages you either and feels very heavy once you add a lock no to get around a roundabout. That said, the i30 comes with a very strong grip.

How Much Noise the i30 Make?

The i30 manages to keep the noise levels down and muzzled. However, the noise performance of a Mazda 3 and Focus are more superior in our opinion.

The Hybrid 120 petrol engine does produce some noise, like most three cylinder engines are known for doing. But at no point does it get under your nerves.

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The i30 comes with a small screen and thick rear pillars, which can reduce over the shoulder visibility. The view out of the front is better, which makes it easier to judge T junctions and roundabouts.

You will find a reversing camera and rear parking sensors on all trims. The higher end trim adds sensors at the front along with LED headlights featuring a smart high beam function, which can automatically dip the beam when there is car in front.

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Infotainment Systems

Standard trims come with an 8.0 inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, DAB radio, and Bluetooth. The premium trims come with a 10.3-inch touchscreen and a built-in sat nav. Drivers will find the display experience quite enjoyable due to its sharper graphics that make it easier to hop between menus.

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The buttons are touch sensitive and easy to activate.

With that said, some users may notice a slight delay when swapping between the main menu – but the software does improve once you’re out of the menu.

Passenger and Cargo Space

The i30 is a family car – so it comes as no surprise that it feels spacious and can accommodate up to four adults, with room to space. There is also enough head room if you are over six feet tall – but seating can get a bit cramped.

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There is a reasonably decent cargo loading capacity of around 395 litres – which is more than rivals Golf and Leon.

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