Reasons Why Casinos Get Blacklisted

Blacklisting is the process of blocking a casino from accepting deposits and withdrawals in your country. Blacklisted casino sites are usually blocked for one reason or another, which can be anything from not paying out winnings on time to having an unsavory reputation.

There are a handful of online casino sites that are legit to offer players excellent service.

We have combed through hundreds of casinos and learned why most get blacklisted. Here are some of the top reasons casinos get blacklisted!

Not Paying Taxes on Winnings

One of the biggest reasons online casinos get blocked is that they do not pay their local government any taxes on winnings. The problem with this is that you’re supposed to pay taxes on all income earned while playing at a casino site.

If you play at a casino that doesn’t pay its taxes, then you could end up owing money to the government. Though if you’re in a state with legal sports betting, you should be paying taxes on your winnings anyway.

Not Paying Out Winnings On Time

If a casino doesn’t pay out winnings on time, then they’ll eventually get blacklisted. Most reputable casinos will pay out winnings within 24 hours of receiving them, but some smaller ones might take longer than that. In order to avoid getting blacklisted, make sure that you check your account balance every day so that you know exactly how much you need to withdraw.

Having Poor Customer Service

If a casino has terrible customer service, they will almost certainly get blacklisted. You should never have to contact a casino support team more than twice before giving up. They should always respond to emails within 24 hours, and if they don’t, you should find somewhere else to play.

Not Keeping Their Games Fair

Some casinos try to scam players by making games unfair. For example, they might offer free spins without depositing real money first. Or, they might have certain slots that are only available to high rollers.

These types of practices are illegal, so these casinos will get blacklisted. Check reviews to see if other customers have complained about these kinds of things happening.

Not Being Legitimate

Legit casinos are regulated by governments and licensed by gaming authorities. Some countries even require that casinos are physically located in those countries. However, many rogue casinos operate illegally and aren’t properly licensed. These unlicensed casinos often use fake names like “Casino” or “Online Casino,” and they might even pretend to be legitimate.

Using Fake Names

Many rogue casinos use fake names to trick people into believing that they’re legit. For example, one casino used the name “Playtech Casino” and claimed that it was based in Gibraltar.

When people saw this name, they assumed that this casino was legitimate and trusted it. Unfortunately for them, Playtech Casino wasn’t really based in Gibraltar. Instead, it was based in Malta. People who fell victim to this scam lost thousands of dollars.

Operating From A Country That Doesn’t Allow Gambling

Many rogue casinos operate from countries where gambling isn’t allowed. This means that they can’t legally accept wagers from any country. If a casino does this, they’ll usually get blacklisted because they’re breaking the law.

Failure to Comply with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

Failure to comply with anti-laundering regulations is another common reason why rogue casinos get blocked. The most important thing here is that they must verify the identities of all their players. 

They also need to keep track of deposits and withdrawals and the amount of cash that’s being moved around. If they fail to do this, they could face serious consequences.

Accepting players Under Age 18

Casinos are required to follow strict rules regarding the ages of their players. They can’t allow anyone under age 18 to gamble, though, in some regions, the age limit is 21. Any casino that doesn’t follow these rules will probably get blacklisted.

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