Importance of Video Footage When Trying to Recover Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

These days, cameras are installed in public and private places. Red-light cameras, security cameras, local traffic cameras, and police car dash cams can be helpful evidence when a car accident happens. 

If you are planning to file a car accident claim to receive financial compensation for your injuries after a car crash, you can use video footage to prove who was at fault. Also, the video could show that you obeyed traffic laws and drive your car safely when the other driver’s car hit you. This could increase your chances of recovering compensation for your damages, particularly medical costs and lost wages. If you have an injury claim, an idaho car accident attorney can help you access video footage that may have captured your accident and make use of it for your benefit. 

Common Types of Cameras that Could Capture Car Accidents

The following are kinds of cameras that may record car accidents as they happen:

  • Security cameras. Some businesses like convenience stores and gas stations often install surveillance cameras that may capture accidents nearby.  Owners of these businesses may voluntarily give the footage; however, sometimes, a formal request from your attorney may be necessary to access the footage. 
  • Traffic cameras from private companies. Private companies like local news stations and news organizations may install cameras to monitor traffic situations and patterns. These cameras will give them updates on gridlock that accidents cause, construction takeoff services, or inclement weather.
  • Red-light cameras. These cameras are often installed in traffic lights to monitor drivers who run red lights. To get this footage, your attorney may have to submit a formal request with your state. 
  • Police car dashcams. Dashcams installed in police cars could capture accidents that occur them. Your attorney must make a formal request to access this footage. 
  • Cameras from witnesses. Some people who witness an accident may tape the cash on their dashcam, smartphone, or bicycle helmet camera. 

How Video Footage Can Help Your Claim

Video recordings of car accidents may demonstrate the negligent actions of a driver. Perhaps a driver may be speeding, running a stop sign, or tailgating another driver as you approach a stoplight. Video footage can dispute the statement of the driver who caused your accident or show that you did not violate any traffic rules at the time of the accident. 

Furthermore, cameras can be especially helpful if you collided with a hit-and-run driver. Usually, such accidents occur so fast that may not notice the fleeing driver. 

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