How to Pick Midi Drum Pad: Quick Guide for Home Musicians

For any musician, choosing a quality instrument is extremely important. The more convenient it is, the more productive your creativity. In the case of drum pads, the choice is so wide that a beginner drummer can easily get confused. Here are some helpful tips on choosing the model that suits you best.

1. Type

First of all, pay attention to whether a midi drum pad requires a PC or laptop or can work standalone. In the second case, it should have enough internal memory to load samples. Depending on power consumption, an instrument may only be powered by USB or require an AC adapter. Be careful when choosing an adapter and strictly follow the requirements (for example, voltage and polarity) so as not to damage your device.

2. Pad Size and Quantity

These are extremely important parameters for those playing complex musical parts. Traditionally, the larger the pads, the more comfortable they are to use. However, the size may limit their number. Therefore, if you want to have an extensive set of sounds, pay attention to models with at least eight buttons. However, if the size of a device is not essential to you, you can get a model with 64 pads.

3. Extra Features

Budget versions of devices often have few additional options, so they are suitable just for playing samples and adjusting them in terms of volume, tone, and panorama. More expensive models give you more possibilities for working with sounds. They can be used as full-fledged samplers or midi controllers for managing DAWs and VST instruments.

4. Compatibility

If you are on a computer or laptop and use a DAW, pay special attention to your hardware and software compatibility. Most modern pads are universal and suitable for work on different operating systems. However, there are models that may not work correctly with some OS. Also, note that the ports you need are present. Mandatory should be:

  • USB outputs;
  • MIDI ins and outs;
  • CV/Gate ports;
  • a headphone jack.

If a device has a small internal memory, it’s desirable to have an SD card reader.

5. Price

Even though versatility and quality affect the cost of an instrument, today, on the market, you can easily find the best option in terms of price and quality. To find the best one, carefully analyze the features you need and compare models from different brands. If you are an amateur musician, you don’t need fancy features for extra money. Do not forget that a manufacturer’s name also affects the product price. Still, it does not always guarantee the best quality.

Drum Pads for Big Performances

Use these criteria to pick the most suitable drum pad. In any case, remember that choosing a music lessons instrument requires an individual approach. Therefore, it is best that you have the opportunity to test it in reality, that is, play a little on it before buying. Pads from different brands feel differently on hand while being of the same high quality. Additionally, do not forget to watch the demo videos from manufacturers and read the reviews of musicians on forums to get a real user experience.

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