How to Cite the Bible in MLA:   Basic guidelines

While composing research papers or essays in the MLA design, it’s very important to make exact and accurate citations, since it permits one to upgrade the quality of the data used to help in primary arguments. More often , the readers depend on the references to understand the context of the cited data. For this situation, when you are not able to refer to the cites or quotes, this may lead to plagiarism. Then, at that point, you should have to consider referring to the Bible since it contains the valid data which you can use to support your arguments. There are various classifications of Bibles you might use for help by utilizing the MLA referring style. But you should have to give the URL where it’s needed. So if you want to figure out how to refer to the Bible in MLA you should go to which is one of the best websites you can use, for getting a plagiarism free work. It contains a full team managed by a number of supervisors and the workers are also well trained. You can use this website to get guidance to write your research papers referring to Bible.

Basic guidelines of Citing the Bible in MLA:

For giving an accurate information if you are writing something related to Bible it’s very important to refer to the different quotes in Bible. provides you with a detailed guidelines you can follow to cite the Bible in MLA.

If you are going to start it, you should be aware of the following details related to Bible;

  1. Title of the Bible.
  2. Name of the editors.
  3. Version of the Bible.
  4. Details related to Publication.

Print Version of Bible:

If you are citing the printed version of Bible you should have to give the following details related to it.

  1. Title of the Bible which should be in italics as; Holy Bible.
  2. Version of the Bible which should not be needed to italicize but be separated from the title of Bible by a comma. In the same ways other details should also need to be separated from the former detail by a comma. As one of the version is; King James Bible.
  3. Editor, in which you have to give the first and last name of the editor. And have to write Edited by editor. In editor’s place give the name of the editor like; Edited by John Doe.
  4. Then you need to tell about the Publishers like; Nashville, dn, Holman Bible publishers.
  5. At last you need to tell the year of the Publication. All of the given detail should be separated by a comma.

Online Bible:

When you are citing the online Bible you should have to give the following details;

  1. First again you need to tell the title of the Bible.
  2. Now you need to write the website but now the title and website should not be separated by a comma but a full stop.
  3. Give a full URL to help people access the Bible And the URL should be started with “www” instead of “https://.”
  4. The last should be data accessed.

Now don’t make a mistake in punctuation. Only title should be separated by a full stop from websites. Other things will remain separated by comma.

E-book Bible:

In citing the E-book Bible in MLA you need to include;

  1. Title of the Bible.
  2. Year of Publication.

All the information should be separated by comma except the title and edition in which you should use a full stop.


Now a days along with different versions, you also find different translations of Bibles, different apps etc. So if you are Citing to a specific translation of Bible you should have to describe;

  1. Title of the Bible and use full stop.
  2. Then Name of Translation and again use full stop.
  3. App Title and then Comma.
  4. And then Date of Publication.

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