Availability and price information for Huawei P50 Pro  

Huawei announced the P50 for China last year, and it is now rolling out internationally. It is already available in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and we expect it to arrive in the UK and Europe in due time, though the company has not yet confirmed launch dates.

In the US or Australia, Huawei usually does not sell its phones, so don’t expect to be able to find them there.

According to Huawei’s website, It’s available to UAE residents, Huawei p50 pro pre order price is AED 3999.  I think the Huawei P50 Pro offers a better value, at least in terms of capacity, compared to the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

There are four colors available in the Huawei P50 Pro, and availability varies by region. Golden Black and Cocoa Gold will be the colors available in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Designs and displays 

Huawei is known for producing premium-feeling and good-looking smartphones, and the P50 Pro fits well in the hand and looks sleek and stylish. It measures 158.8 x 72.8 mm and weighs 195g, so it’s not bulky or heavy. 

The power switch and volume buttons of this Huawei flagship phone are located on the right side of the device, while the USB Type-C port and SIM tray are on the bottom.

The top and bottom of the phone have speakers, and the fingerprint sensor is behind the curved screen. The metallic frame wraps around the curved edges of the screen.

You can choose from four colors for the Huawei P50 Pro: Golden Black, Pearl White, Charm Pink, and Cocoa Gold, although available colors may differ between countries.

We reviewed the Cocoa Gold model, as you can see in the pictures. With a metallic finish and subtle gold appearance, the phone’s rear has a polished metallic appearance. It looks slick, but it has a tendency to attract fingerprints. The back of the device is home to two rather large camera rings nestled within a pill bump that doesn’t stand out quite as much as the lenses on some of the recent flagships we’ve seen.

In spite of this, the ‘dual matrix camera,’ as Huawei calls it, is unique, and it will certainly draw varying reactions, in terms of intimidation and intrigue.

Performance and specifications

In terms of connectivity, the Huawei P50 Pro features only LTE/4G connectivity, the same as most of last year’s flagship phones.

In our review model, the chipset is paired with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, which should be more than enough for most people. Other markets offer versions with 128GB and 512GB of storage, which also come with 12GB of RAM. 

Huawei’s Nano Memory (NM) card can also be used to expand storage capacity. Nano Memory cards are also compatible with Huawei phones, making it easy to use them as 2nd SIM cards or Nano Memory cards on the SIM tray. In spite of their small size and similar shape to Nano SIM cards, NM cards aren’t as popular as microSD cards.

As with all flagship phones, I found the Huawei P50 Pro to be exceptionally smooth and zippy when I used it on a daily basis. Geekbench 5 gave it a score of 3018, which is about in line with what other Snapdragon 888-based phones have managed.

Regarding the absence of 5G, as mentioned, this is due to Huawei’s limitations, and the importance of 5G must be determined individually. We tested the Huawei P50 Pro’s download speed with 4G and found it to be 292 Mbps. 

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