A Swimwear Guide from Newborn to Two Years Old

Are you tired of choosing which one is the most appropriate bathing suit for your baby? Not knowing what to consider and whom to consult on choosing your baby’s swimsuit. No problem! Well, here is a quick guide for you to find the best baby swimwear.

0-3 months

Babies at this age need swimming diapers. There are two types of swimming diapers available on the market.

  • Reusable swim diapers — these are swimming diapers that can be washed and worn repeatedly.
  • Disposable swim diapers — these are swimming diapers that are easily disposed of once used.

Swimming diapers can be partnered with one of the following to keep the baby warm while swimming:

  • Thermal all-in-one swimwear is your choice if you want to cover your baby’s body;
  • Baby wetsuit is another option if you want to cover the upper portion of the baby’s body; and
  • Baby wrap can be another alternative if you only want to cover your baby’s torso.

3-6 months

Swim diapers are partnered with a warm swimsuit that allows babies to move in this age range. They are now on the stage where they tend to show more movements, and it is only appropriate to adjust your baby’s bathing suit.

6-12 months

There are a few crucial factors to bear in mind during this stage. You will need to take into consideration the developmental phase of your child.

  • Preventing leaks — make sure that the swimming diapers will not leak once the baby puts on the swimwear.
  • Grip — the baby’s swimsuit should be considered. The best material for the suit is neoprene as it maintains its flexibility while the baby swims.
  • Warmth — neoprene is also a good insulator as it regulates the body’s temperature inside the suit.

Baby neoprene swimsuits in this age range should have integrated swimming nappy. The suit will cling and keep the baby’s body temperature. It is also definitely a smarter choice as you worry no more about purchasing or loading a separate swim diaper in your baby’s bag.

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12-18 months

You should also include the following factors when choosing a bathing suit for your baby:

  • Preventing leaks — the same thing to consider on the previous age range, this should be a considerable factor for the material of the suit.
  • Buoyancy — the swimsuit should be incorporated with floatable and
  • UV Protection — baby swimwear with UV protection will help in protecting the baby’s skin when swimming on beaches or outdoor pools.

Integrated swimming diapers on bathing suits are still the trend in this age but with the following points to be reckoned:

  • Swimming suits with removable or built-in floats;
  • Buoyancy jackets or vests; and
  • UV-protected bathing suits.

18-24 months

At this stage, your baby is starting potty training. Then, you should consider a swimming suit that are separated. This will allow the baby to detach the bottom part of the swimming clothes without the hassle of removing everything in an instant.

  • Rashguard — a separated top and bottom wear will do for this type of suit.
  • Swim bottom — this can be more likely seen on baby boys rather than girls.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get that best swimwear for your baby now and beat that summer heat!

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