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16 types of digital marketing explained

  • What is digital marketing: – Digital marketing Certification is that type of marketing where sale and services are done online and digitally.
  • 16 types of digital marketing are: –
  • SEO-Search engine optimization: – SEO is the part of to make sure that your webpages and articles systems as possible as your search engines.
  • PPC-PAY per click advertising: – PPC is the sort of paid version of SEO. Instead of optimising your site for the search engine and you actually bid for the advertisement space and keywords .
  • Social media marketing: – SOCIAL media marketing here defines that to entrenched in our daily lives that it makes sense to utilise it in your digital marketing campaign.
  • Influencer marketing: – There great way to increase your audience or customer is to get someone with a brand type and regular digital circles.
  • Public relation content: – This is the market system of limited market system of limited to digital platforms, but it is very crucial type of digital marketing.
  • Email marketing: – EMAIL marketing has taken over its role in the communication utilize the popularity and fame of the email medium by using it to communicate with customers and audience.
  • Mobile marketing: – Mobile is the one of the Popular devices which is used by every hand to take advantage of this trend by creating mobile specific marketing campaign, to ensure superior experience for that customers.
  • Brand of journalism: – Consumers are increasingly conscious of when they are advertised to this type of digital marketing is gaining popular and for good reason.
  • Video marketing: – Video is the ultimate type of digital marketing by combination of words and imaginary into the intuitive package. You can create video marketing content by using a free video editor.
  • Audio marketing: – Audio media may not be a glitzy as video media but it still holds its role in the online entity.
  • Affiliate marketing: – A affiliate marketing is a very clever type of digital marketing to affiliate marketers sell other people products to their audience.
  • Native advertisement: – Native advertisement is annoying than pop-up advertisements. They intrude into one experience.
  • Live chat marketing: – People like to make sure before spending their money. If they are confused by the system aspect of product services.
  • reality marketing: – AR is the hottest development in the technology Argument circles right now.
  • FAQs: – PEOPLE want quick action and reactions simple answers to their searches. FAQs are the great way to achieve this .
  • Messaging marketing: – PEOPLE uses instant messaging g aps such as WhatsApp and Facebook religiously through this service the customer makes sure for the ease and simple rate and exchange of marketing and services. Check out Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing, if you want to know about it.

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