10 Must-Have Living Room Essentials

Whether you are moving into a new home or redecorating your current home, the living room is one of the key areas of the house that is focused upon while working on the interior design of the place. This is because the living room is perhaps the most used and most visited place in the house. This is the room where the whole family and visitors gather for socialising, entertainment and recreation purposes. The living room speaks volumes about the personality of the habitants- their personal opinions, their kind of lifestyle, their ideas and their perspective of things in general. To help your designing needs, we have researched furniture online and compiled the following list of 10 items that should be in your living room:

Sofa Set

This is the most common yet important piece of furniture in the living room. It is important to note that when searching for a sofaset online, you are choosing one whose colour and texture align with the walls of your living room besides being comfortable and suitable for daily use. The sofa set should complement the family’s needs but should align with the space and energy of the room. The most popular sofas for the living room are the pull-out sofas which can interchangeably be used as a bed to take a quick nap. If you have kids in the house and the sofas are at risk of stains by spills, it would be wise to opt for leather sofa sets that are easy to clean and maintain.


Chairs and recliners play a very important role and must-have furniture for the living room, especially to provide seating space for your guests. Once the Wakefit sofas are in place, you can plan and use appropriate space to place the chairs to avoid the room from becoming too cramped and congested. Moreover, a recliner would be ideal for spending a lazy day watching your favourite movies or a sports marathon with friends.

Throw Blankets

How can a movie night be complete without cosying and snuggling with your loved ones under the blanket? Besides being cosy, throw blankets are a great way to introduce more colours into your living room and accentuate the sofa set.


Pillows are an essential element to add to ensure the comfort of the living room. They are cozy and can be quite useful for people with lower back pain. Cushions also help to enhance the sofas and the overall look for the living room. These days cushions are personalised with quotes and images that add a sense of personal touch to the living room.

Entertainment Units

In most homes, the central point of the living room is the TV, as it is a source of entertainment and recreation for most families. To enjoy the overall viewing experience and accentuate the living room interior, a complementary TV unit with shelves and cabinets is a must. A good TV unit provides the users with complete functionality and blends effortlessly with the living room.

Coffee Table

Even with the most exquisite set of sofas in the living room, your room is still incomplete without a decent coffee table. Coffee tables can be used to keep magazines, TV remotes, or simply a mug of coffee. A wooden coffee table is the most preferred for living rooms as it is easy to clean and maintain and is not at risk of breakage like glass tables. When you search online, you may come across various coffee table designs of different colours, shapes and textures.


Undoubtedly, a rug is a good way to make your living room warm and cosy. Depending upon the type of floor and the theme of your room, you can choose an appropriate area rug to enhance the overall ambience of the living room.


Candles are an inexpensive and great way to accessorise your living room. They subtly make the room warm and aromatic with your personal choice of scents and fragrances. Paired with a candleholder, they become an elegant and classic accessory for your living room.

Paintings/Photos/ Wall Hangings

You can go a step further in personalising your living room to your taste by decorating your walls with photos and paintings that are close to your heart. Empty walls can dull the atmosphere of your living room, while the artwork is an excellent way to fill your walls and resonate your thoughts and ideas across the living space.


Plants are the best natural air purifiers available and are a must-have for your living room. When placed next to the window or in an area where it receives appropriate sunlight throughout the day, it is an excellent addition to the living room. It pairs well with furniture, enlightens and freshens the room and adds an aesthetic touch to the living room.


Now that you know what you need to look out for a while setting up your living room, plan ahead of the interior design of your room with these essentials in mind. The result: A serene and relaxing living room that will erase your body’s fatigue and mind’s worries.

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