Worrying about your study abroad plans due to international conflicts? Here is how Study Abroad Counselling can help you!

Choosing to pursue higher education abroad makes one feel fear and excitement at the same time. It is nothing less than a roller coaster ride of emotions for many individuals.

In such a scenario, one can take the assistance of Study Abroad Counselling, which is known to guide one from choosing suitable courses to pre-departure advice. This blog will outline how Study Abroad Counselling is beneficial to aspiring individuals. Keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of Choosing a Study Abroad Counsellor

Studying abroad can be overwhelming, so one must plan ahead. This is where study abroad counsellors come in handy. Here are the primary reasons why one should opt for study abroad counselling.

  • Has expertise and provides valuable guidance

Educational advisors have years of experience in this industry and have a high success rate in sending students abroad. Furthermore, they have gone through rigorous training sessions and are certified by courses to remain up to date with the industry.

Moreover, they possess knowledge of all aspects related to studies and not only that, from financing, budgeting to visas. They handle everything with ease and perfection.

  • Helps in shortlisting courses and universities

Many times, candidates select an ample number of courses and universities that they cannot shortlist afterwards. However, a study abroad counsellor can help one shortlist courses and universities only after checking whether the candidate meets the said eligibility parameters.

Furthermore, a study abroad counsellor also checks the English proficiency score and the employment opportunities available for the candidate. Finally, they elaborate on the course curriculum, part-time jobs that one can take advantage of while studying abroad.

In addition, they compare universities and the courses provided by each of them. This helps the candidate to select one, keeping the university rankings, course, part-time jobs and employment opportunities in mind.

  • Streamlining your application and tracking it

Candidates must provide essential documents such as passport, English proficiency scores and transcripts. The study abroad counsellor will help fill out the application form and submit it to the university portal.

A Statement of Purpose plays a pivotal role in the admission process and has a lot of weightage besides GPA and English proficiency scores. A study abroad counsellor will help candidates draft their SOP, provide guidelines on how to write it and check it before uploading the same on the university website.

Many students desire to know the status of their application, and many times, not getting a response can lead to self-doubt and hamper one’s self-esteem. In this regard, a study abroad counsellor keeps on tracking the candidate’s application. They can do this seamlessly as they have tie-ups with specific universities.

  • Assist with the visa process

Once the application process is complete, one needs to apply for a visa immediately. A visa serves as an authorisation or a permit to enter the country. However, any error in the visa application can result in rejection.

The study abroad counsellor’s role does not end with shortlisting courses but also preparing the candidate for the visa interview. They know what kind of questions are asked and scenarios that can arise. This is done to ensure that the candidate’s visa is accepted in a hassle-free manner.

  • Organising your documents

When the application and visa process is complete, one needs to organise their documents. However, as the date nears, one experiences a lot of emotions at once and cannot think straight.

In this regard, there is nothing to worry about as a study abroad counsellor provides valuable guidance and insights on the documents one needs before venturing on this journey.

The documents must be kept handy as they might be required during immigration or boarding. This includes having a valid passport, visa, English proficiency scores, acceptance letter, and passport-sized photographs.

  • Providing financial guidance

When choosing to study abroad, one must note that significant expenses are involved. In this regard, a study abroad counsellor will guide individuals toward bursaries and scholarships. In addition, they will let a candidate know of the loans they can avail to fund their studies.

Moreover, they will also put forward a budget for the tuition fees, accommodation, airfare etc. With this insight, parents and candidates can manage their finances accordingly.

  • Helping to adapt to the new country

The study abroad counselling does not end when a candidate has enrolled in the university. One can always call up his or her educational advisor if he or she finds it difficult to adapt to the new country. Furthermore, they will help one find a part-time job.

  • Pre-departure guidance

When leaving for a new country, one experiences a multitude of emotions. A study abroad counsellor will guide pre-departure, such as organising documents, medical insurance, and other essential things.

The study abroad counselling ensures that the students do not experience any difficulty while settling in the new country. However, it is best to conduct market research before choosing a study abroad counsellor.

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