Bob wigs are types of wigs that have been there for a very long time. Bob wigs always remain in style and can go with all types of looks for those who are looking to switch up their hairstyle. Bob wigs are basically short wigs that mostly have a blunt cut. A lot of women get curious about trying shorter hairstyles but are not willing to commit to cutting their own hair. Bob wigs are perfect for those who want to experiment with short styles. There is a lot involved when it comes to finding the bob wigs as they are so many.


It is essential to get a bob wig that perfectly fits your head for it to look chic and elegant. If the bob wig is too tight it can be uncomfortable, give you a headache, cause breakage to the hairline, and possible scalp irritation. If the bob wig is too loose the wig can fall off and look unnatural, the opposite effect you want. U part wigs are perfect to ensure your bob wig is not too tight as there is hair protruding at the opening.


Bob wigs come in different lengths.

8 inches- This is the average length for bob wigs. It looks great on everybody and can accentuate the face as the hair sits on the chin area and brings out one’s bone structure.

10 inches- It is the middle length and sits on the shoulder. An amazing bob wig length for people with round faces who want a contoured look. A great length if you want hair on your shoulders.

12 inches –  A visually beautiful bob wig length and great for closure wigs. At this length, the bob wigs can be tied and pulled back.

14 inches- Much longer but still considered a bob wig. It is especially a great length for curly wigs that shrink their appearance and look much shorter.


Bob wigs are perfect for creating a whole new bold look for you and for softening one’s facial features. There are a variety of styles you can choose for your bob wigs. You can go for a straight bob wig or a curly wig for a different texture look.  Bob wigs also come in different colors. You can also choose a human hair bob wig or a synthetic hair bob wig. At Luvmehair we always encourage our customers to go for high-quality human hair wigs. Human hair bob wigs are softer and can take in moisture well as human hair is high quality. Human hair bob wigs can also be colored and you can use heat styling tools.All Movies Download From Pepaream


It is important to care for your bob wig so it can last for a very long time and you can reap the wig’s benefits;

  • Be gentle- Bob wigs are delicate and it is crucial to be careful when handling them to avoid any hair breakage or destroying the base construction of the wig.


  • Keep the bob wig moisturized- A dry bob wig is noticeable as it is dry and prone to breakage. It is crucial to ensure your bob wig is well moisturized for it to look soft and glossy.
  • Get a wig stand- With most bob wigs being short in length, to avoid it scrunching up, get a wig stand. The wig stand will protect the wig when not worn and preserve its current style.

Bob wigs are here to stay and will continue to remain a classic look for a lot of women.

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