Why Nightfall happen? Should You Be Concerned About Nightfall

Nightfalls or wet dreams are technically referred to as sperm ejections at night while in a deep sleep. The doctors refer to this condition as nocturnal emission or sleep orgasms. The condition is marked by seminal fluid emission in the middle of the night when the individual is fast asleep. This condition is prominent during the late nights or in the early mornings. But why does nightfall happen

In most cases, this condition occurs due to the weak penile strength and the weakness of the penile nerves that may result from excessive masturbation or the change in hormonal levels. This condition can also result from thinning of the semen viscosity or changes in the bladder. 

Most people who start understanding the term tend to feel that it is a disease that people may hesitate to talk to others about. Nightfall is not a disease, and it is a condition that needs to be addressed soon. This article will get to know why nightfall happens and how it is an entirely normal and biological process. Several techniques can help to control and stop the condition. 

Nightfall in women is a condition where they feel vaginal wetness or orgasm during their sleep. Men can sleep or wake up through a wet dream, but women must awaken during the orgasm and perceive the orgasms before it counts as a wet dream. Before we delve any deeper, it is necessary to understand that nocturnal emission is not the same as the nocturnal tumescence of the penis or the clitoris. 

Is Nightfall Normal?

The best Sexologist in Delhi suggests that the process of nightfall is entirely physiological, and these are common during adolescence and the early young adulthood period, but they can occur at any age after the strike of puberty. Excessive nightfall can be problematic and might require immediate medical attention. 

Excessive masturbation and the thinning of the semen viscosity aggravate the weakening of the penile nerves and muscles. Even though men may retain their sperms, the excess is discharged at night. The common symptoms of nightfall include dizziness, insomnia and erectile dysfunctions and even loss of sight and memory. In some instances, the urine also accompanies the sperm. 

The Cause For Nightfall

The Sexologist in Noida says that nightfall is a widespread phenomenon seen in both males and females. It is scientifically proven that it is a condition experienced by a majority of the population at least once in their lifetime. 

A Few Points To Keep In Mind While Addressing The Concern

Here are a few points that you need to consider while addressing the issue of nightfalls. 

According to the top Sexologist in Delhi, nightfalls or wet dreams are normal and very common in most teenagers who have just hit puberty. However, nightfall is not only restricted to teenagers, but it may also occur in adults if the old semen is not removed or if you didn’t achieve full orgasm. 

Nightfall is not an actual problem, and it is a very natural and common process. In several cases, many adults and teens, incredibly when uninformed about the condition, undergo guilt, frustration, and anger when they experience nightfall. 

There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about nightfall, and it is an issue that you should discuss with your elderly members and your doctor. 

In layman’s terms, nightfall in men is ejaculation of sperms while still in sleep, with or without attaining sexual pleasure. 

The main reason why nightfall happens in young adults as they tend to abstain from sex. If the condition persists or becomes more frequent, it can lead to a host of health issues. 

The congested prostate gland, weak nerves and the inability to handle emotions are often treated as some of the main reasons behind frequent nightfalls. Males who continuously perform self-stimulation or have sex regularly are generally prone to nightfall problems. 

Other causes of nightfall may be depression, anxiety, sedentary lifestyle and long sitting hours that may cause an imbalance in the body’s hormones. It may also occur in an increasing frequency due to the side effects of various medications that include high blood pressure medicines, tranquilizers and sedatives.

The Different Treatment Options For Nightfall

The different treatment options for nightfall include a proper diet that can help strengthen your penile nerves and lose the nightfall tendency in adolescents and young adults. Practicing yoga and meditation before going to sleep can also help to get rid of the emissions. Consuming ripe leaves of bottle gourd can also help cure insomnia and get rid of the nocturnal emissions. 

Conclusively nightfall is a common condition seen in many adolescents and young adults and is not a concerning issue until it is seen frequently. This is not a disease, and you can openly discuss it with sexologists at Dr. S.K. Jain’s Burlington Clinic will help fix the condition.

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