Why It’s Important to Convert Your Home Movies

A lot of folks are rightly worried about their old home movies right now. If you’ve been rummaging through the boxes in your attic recently, chances are you stumbled on some of these yourself. 

You might be thinking about converting some of your memories on 8mm film to DVD, or better yet, to a hard drive. It’s crucial that these home movies are retained for a host of reasons, so it’s fortunate that there are options. 

Memories Are Important

The whole point of making home movies is to keep hold of memories you can share with others. When the technology became available in the form of 8mm reels and VHS recorders, the aim was to keep them forever. 

What folks might not have realized at the time was precisely how perishable the storage reels and tapes actually are. With the passing of a few decades, many have discovered that their recordings are in very poor condition.

Keeping hold of special recorded events is a part of human storytelling, so for many people, the urgency is real. All it would take to ruin these keepsakes forever is a single burst water pipe or a small fire in the wrong place. 

New Technologies

Fortunately, the advent of new technologies brings the assurance of permanence. Digital options mean that we can store things in perpetuity. Once an old movie is transferred to the digital medium, you can maintain it in perfect condition forever. 

One of your choices is the DVD. On tough, long-lasting DVDs, you can keep legacy events like weddings, graduations, and family gatherings nice and safe. Provided you store them in a decent place, nothing can harm them. 

A second basic option is to store converted film on a device such as a thumb drive or on a computer. With the digital option, you can easily send copies to whoever you want and store the information on multiple drives and a cloud facility.

With this second alternative, you can be absolutely sure that your sentimental home movies are totally safe. Even if you misplace one device, you have other copies saved to your cloud and on other drives. 

Thinking of the Future

Perhaps the most significant benefit of our old movies is what they give to posterity. They are obviously very meaningful to us now but also serve as a pictorial history for future generations to reference. 

It’s been noted that the 20th century was the first era whose history is on film. The historical impact of this is clear enough to all, and the same is true of each recording, no matter how small and personal. 

Just as historians survey happenings on the regional and national level, so will your descendants be able to explore their ancestry. That was the initial purpose of the old 8mm and VHS recorders, and the fact that this is now possible is a positive outcome.

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Some Final Thoughts

There’s a sentimental streak in most of us. We like to reminisce about things that matter to us and to relate stories of our past. This is by no means a new phenomenon, either. Folks have been storing memories in poems, stories, and songs for eons. 

What’s a little different now is that we have the actual images, albeit stored in perishable formats for the time being. Just by converting these to a more advanced format, you can store them forever in safety. 

It’s a rather nice thought that some of your descendants might take the time to view your sixteenth birthday or your parent’s wedding a century from now.

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