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What mattress is better? The real feeling of getting SweetNight

Familiar with my friends may still have an impression, before due to back pain from time to time, so hesitate to choose a hard mattress or soft mattress is more appropriate, until some time ago found SweetNight Dreamy S1 mattress, this mattress soft and hard side can choose, completely avoid the trouble of choosing a soft mattress or a hard mattress.


Mattress factory is compressed into a cylindrical, wrapped very tightly, and then outside there is a large box like that photo above, relatively easy to transport, and I received, is the courier boy called ahead to confirm, after sending into the home to save themselves hard, moved to hold after moving the position in the house, this is really heavy, are more than 100 pounds.

According to the detailed instructions brought inside, with its own small tools to open the sealed bag, the mattress put, the process is very fast, in fact, the moment you unpack the bag quickly from the compressed state back to the normal shape, but according to the manufacturer’s tips, it is best to rest for 72 hours inside to completely recover.

Just above the photo to see the front after recovery, using white Becat fabric combined with Coolmax material, and the following photo is the reverse side up shot, with a small label on the front and back to facilitate differentiation.

In addition to the necessary tips, there is no extra information on the mattress, only a little on the side of the mattress features and “SweetNight” logo information.


For this mattress, what I value is that the hard and soft sides can be changed at any time, according to the weather, but also according to their own physical condition, in short, as long as you like you can switch at any time. Soft and hard side is also very convenient to replace, a person can easily handle, open the zipper, up and down after the flip and then pull on.

Just mentioned that the top cover is made of special 500g Belgian Bekaert non-pilling imported fabric, and add CoolMax high-performance fiber, so that the mattress is more comfortable and clean in the process of use, convenient for regular cleaning.


I have always heard that a hard twin mattress is better for the body, so before a few years I was sleeping on a very thin mattress, equivalent to the feeling of a hard bed, and then from time to time always back pain, also went to consult a doctor, there is no clear statement, so they also try various methods to see if they can solve.

After getting this SweetNightDreamy S1 mattress, the beginning of about 2 weeks has been using the softer A side, and then because the weather is getting hot, so their own hands to change to a harder B side, after this 2 months of experience, the current back pain problem alleviated a lot, I believe that the assistance of this mattress, combined with the adjustment of the sitting posture to other methods, will further reduce the Symptoms, in short, effective and much more at ease .


From the above we can also see that the content of the SweetNightDreamy S1 mattress technical characteristics of the place is not much, mainly as a real experience of 2 months of users to share with you the feeling of use, if you can not decide whether to choose a hard mattress or soft mattress, simply do not choose, directly into the hands of this more worry-free.

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