What Is the Best Way to Sell Bitcoin in Australia?

To sell Bitcoin Australia, you’ll need a trusted exchange. The top cryptocurrency in the world is available to buy or sell on any exchange, but the most important factor is choosing a legitimate crypto exchange. To make sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate exchange, look for one that is registered with AUSTRAC, an agency that fights against money laundering and terrorism. Once you’ve found a reliable exchange, you’ll have a smooth experience selling your Bitcoin.

Find reputable exchange

To sell your Bitcoin in Australia, you’ll need to find a reputable exchange. The best option is to use a top rated exchange. These exchanges have the lowest spreads and best prices. A higher gap means a higher premium spread, which will lower the amount of AUD you receive when selling your Bitcoin. Conversion fees will generally range between 0.1% per sell order, while withdrawal fees are often minimal.

Direct exchange

Another option is to use a direct exchange. You can use a direct exchange to sell Bitcoin in Australia. LocalBitcoins, for example, are one of the many direct exchange platforms. The only requirement for using a direct exchange is that you have a bank account. Then, when you’re ready to sell your Bitcoin, transfer the Bitcoin to the exchange’s listed address. These methods can be time-consuming, but they’re definitely worthwhile.

Round the block

If you’re looking for a secure way to sell Bitcoin in Australia, Round The Block is the way to go. This exchange is convenient in Australia and offers you a simple method of selling Bitcoin. The site also rewards you with points for every transaction, which you can then convert into rewards. These points may take up to three business days to appear, so be patient. You’ll be rewarded in no time. So get started today!

Peer-to-Peer exchange

Another way to sell bitcoin in Australia is through a peer-to-peer exchange. These exchanges allow you to trade your Bitcoin for other crypto assets. You can use a P2P exchange to buy Bitcoin in Australia, or a direct exchange to sell cryptocurrency in another currency. Both of these methods will help you to sell your cryptocurrency in Australia. If you’re buying Bitcoin in an Aussie exchange, the process is even easier. All you need to do is enter your details in the form provided to get your payment.


Another way to sell bitcoin in Australia is through an exchange. There are several exchanges in Australia that offer Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies. CoinSpot, the largest in the country, offers the best prices and the lowest spreads. If the spread is wide, this means that the exchange is premium. If the gap is large, this means that the exchange charges more than half of the original value of your Bitcoin. If you’re selling in an Australian currency, make sure to compare all of your options before selling your cryptocurrency.


CoinSpot is an exchange in Australia that offers a wide range of crypto assets. They offer a variety of currencies and are an excellent choice if you’re looking to sell bitcoin in Australia. If you’re interested in exchanging your digital currency in AUD, you should use, which is Australia’s biggest exchange, provides a convenient way to sell your bitcoin. Its fast processing speed will help you get your cash quickly, and the process is also simple.

If you’re selling bitcoin in Australia, you can choose to sell it at a Bitcoin dealer. These are companies that provide secure exchanges and guide customers on how to sell bitcoin in Australia. By using a reliable, legit exchange, you can be confident that your money is safe. You should look for a website that is registered with AUSTRAC, has multi-layered security, and shows important information about the transaction. You can also check if the seller is registered with AUSTRAC.

Final Opinions

Another option is to sell your Bitcoin directly. While the exchange you choose should be regulated and licensed, there are some pitfalls to be aware of. While many exchanges offer low minimums, the best price is still based on the exchange’s reputation. Always use a reputable service to sell your cryptocurrency. You’ll want to avoid scams and shady practices, which are essentially scams. This method requires verification from your bank account and ID before you can sell it.

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