What is a dead ball in cricket?

In cricket, a “dead ball” is a term used to describe a temporary suspension of play during a match. All fans of the sport can place bet online – 1xBet is filled with different outcomes that can happen in cricket matches too.

It signifies that the ball is no longer in play, and various factors can lead to this situation. 7 examples of them include:

  • umpire’s call;
  • interruptions;
  • batsman’s request;
  • accidental contact;
  • ball becomes lodged;
  • fielding outside the pitch;
  • and if the batsman leaves the crease early.

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When the umpire intervenes

The 1st common instance of a dead ball occurs when the umpire deems the delivery as illegal. This can happen due to 3 things. They include if the bowler oversteps the crease (a no-ball), delivers a dangerous or unfair delivery (a beamer), or a bowler’s foot lands outside the crease before releasing the ball. You will enjoy to play on betting lines from 1xBet, where those kinds of events can also be wagered too.

A 2nd factor is that play can be interrupted for 3 main reasons, like inclement weather, foreign objects on the field, or any other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, the umpire declares the ball as dead until normal play can be resumed. Whenever the umpire intervenes, you will be able to play on the betting lines from 1xBet while wagering on that kind of event too.

Other reasons why this can occur

A 3rd reason is that, sometimes, a batsman might request a dead ball if he believes he is not ready to face a delivery due to some disturbance or distraction. In such cases, the umpire usually grants the batsman’s request, and the ball is declared dead. There is a fast bet on cricket with, where everything that batsmen do can be wagered too.

A 4th reason is if the ball accidentally hits a fielder or a non-striker on its way to the batsman. In this case the umpire may declare it as a dead ball. This is to ensure that neither team gains an undue advantage from such an incident.

In 5th place, if the ball lodges itself in the batsman’s clothing or any part of the fielding equipment (e.g., the wicketkeeper’s pads or gloves), it is declared as a dead ball. This ensures that no unfair advantage is gained. The fast bets on cricket with the 1xBet platform also feature whether balls will be lodged too.

The 5th reason is, if a fielder enters the pitch or the protected area around the batsman without the ball being in play, it is considered a breach of the rules, and the ball is declared dead.

Finally, in limited-overs cricket, if the batsman leaves the crease before the bowler delivers the ball, the bowler can choose to declare a dead ball instead of attempting to run out the batsman.

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